Tyrant Joe Biden Mobilizes Entire US Government To Help Working Families Find Care

Plus, it's Manchin-proof!

One of the things that impressed us about the Trump administration — in a horrible, sick-making way, to be sure — was that for all the stumblefucked incompetence at the top, which thank Crom might have saved us from even worse catastrophe, there were some operatives in the Trump White House who knew what they were doing, which was far more terrifying than the chaos. Stephen Miller, Trump's immigration Gauleiter, was something of a master of the Dark Bureaucratic Arts, leading a crew of likeminded creeps to sift through all sorts of federal laws and regulations to find ways to restrict immigration and keep refugees out of the USA. Miller and his operatives quickly weaponized large parts of the federal bureaucracy to pursue Trump's immigration agenda.

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Stephen Miller, America's Last Bastion Against Humanity

Stephen Miller's Latest F*cked-Up Bullsh*t Is SOOOOOOME F*CKED-UP BULLSH*T

But what if that power could be used for good, not evil? What if a president directed agencies to go through the laws and regulations to find ways to help working Americans get affordable family care, for young children and also for seniors who need home care? That's pretty much what Joe Biden is telling the federal government to do with an executive order signed today.

The EO, the White House explainers,

includes more than 50 directives to nearly every cabinet-level agency to expand access to affordable, high-quality care, and provide support for care workers and family caregivers.

The order builds on that neat idea the administration came up with earlier this year that requires companies getting funding from the CHIPS and Science Act to include plans for making affordable childcare available to their workers. Nice factory we're helping you build here, sure would be great if your employees had childcare options.

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Class War


Or it might be fine, who can tell!

International stock markets went all kerflooey Wednesday on news that Credit Suisse, the European bank with rich chocolatey flavor, was on shaky financial ground, which shouldn't be too surprising since Switzerland has roughly 500 to 800 earthquakes annually, though they're seldom severe.

NPR reports that the problems at Credit Suisse are actually way different from the bank runs that led to the collapse of two big US banks over the weekend, and that stock markets are already bouncing back after the Swiss National Bank extended about $54 billion in credit — only in Swiss francs — to stabilize Credit Suisse. Whew! Also, we should note that Swiss franks are not made with chocolate, but are just ground up pig lips like everywhere else.

The Swiss Mess didn't involve a bunch of panicky depositors demanding their money all at once, but instead came after the bank "had already been reeling after a succession of scandals and poor decisions that several CEOs have failed to address over several years."

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Nice Time

Biden's Woke Water Will Deny Americans 'Forever Chemicals' Their Bodies Crave

But it will cost money to remove them from drinking water. Is better health worth money?

The Environmental Protection Agency this week proposed standards to remove six cancer-causing chemicals from Americans' drinking water, finally taking action against a class of "forever chemicals" that are already in virtually everyone's blood, including the blood of newborn babies; thanks for that thought, New York Times.

We can hardly wait for the nice crazies at Fox News to declare that means the woke EPA is trying to deprive children of the chemical waste that has been their birthright for decades.

The chemicals, known generally as PFAS (for "per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances"), don't break down over time and have been used for a wide range of products including nonstick coatings for cookware, fire-suppressing foam, waterproofing for fabrics, and stain-resistant carpeting. They're really nice for our convenient modern life, but less so for our bodies; they've been linked to infertility, kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid problems, and immune system disorders, among other health problems.

Why yes, the chemical industry also knew back in the 1970s that the stuff was getting into our bloodstreams, but they kept making the stuff and dumping it into the environment without calling attention to the possible risks. That wasn't their department.

The shit's everywhere, but at the very least we can keep it out of our drinking water.

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