Special Counsel Free To Indict Trump Any Day Before March 25, 2024 (Trump Has Another Trial That Day)

But it may be WAY sooner than that.

Donald Trump's criminal trial in the Manhattan Stormy Daniels porn peener case has been set for March 25, 2024, so right when the Republican primary is starting to get serious. We'd say that might help Ron DeSantis, but that's assuming DeSantis doesn't flame out by oh, say, this afternoon.

During a hearing on Tuesday, which Trump beamed into via satellite, Judge Juan Merchan ordered him not to share any of the evidence he gets in the discovery process, lest he be held in contempt. That includes the identities of witnesses.

Asked to opine on the possibility of Trump obeying that order, Michael Cohen was like "LMAOOOOOOO."

The order from the judge caused Trump to whine a whole bunch on his knockoff Twitter platform immediately afterward about his "First Amendment" and "ELECTION INTERFERENCE!" It was pretty sad.

Anyway, Trump doesn't have to appear again in court on that case until January 4 of next year. God knows what hilarious predicament his failed life might be in by then.

A perhaps more imminent "predicament" for Donald Trump is that the Wall Street Journal is reporting this week that Special Counsel Jack Smith is wrapping up BOXES HOAX and might move on to the INDICTMENT HOAX stage of the Mar-a-Lago stolen classified docs investigation. Smith is reportedly "all but finished" gathering testimony and evidence.

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'No Labels' Jerks Working Hard To Ratf**k 2024 Election

When Joe Lieberman joins forces with Pat McCrory, you know you're screwed.

That annoying centrist group No Labels is ramping up its efforts to elect Donald Trump president next year. It's busy raising the $70 million it reportedly needs to place a so-called "unity ticket" on the ballot nationwide. Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips from Minnesota has supported the organization in the past but even he admits that if "No Labels runs a Joe Manchin against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I think it will be a historic disaster. And I speak for just about every moderate Democrat and frankly most of my moderate Republican friends.”

There's no evidence yet that Manchin would consider a presidential run, even though his Senate days are likely numbered. Kyrsten Sinema from the Sinema Party has been floated as a potential candidate for a No Labels nightmare ticket, and there's probably enough luxury hotels, wine weekends, and five-star hotels to make it worth her while. Preserving democracy doesn't seem like a high priority for Sinema.

Neither Manchin nor Sinema has attracted many small donors for their respective re-election campaigns, but they maintain interest from large donors with ties to No Labels. One prominent big bucks donor is Nazi trinket collector and Clarence Thomas sugar daddy Harlan Crow, who gave No Labels more than $130,000 between 2019 and 2021. (That's probably at least a dozen Nazi napkins.)

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Special Counsel Jack Smith's Investigation Giving Trump More To Cry About Every Day

Rounding up the updates!

Donald Trump is dementia-babbling on Truth Social this morning about how he has no idea who E. Jean Carroll is and E. Jean Carroll is a liar and whatnot. He must just really want to pay Carroll some extra damages.

But he should try to find some time in his scream-crying about his ruined, wasted life to do some scream-crying about everything that's going on with Special Counsel Jack Smith's various criminal investigations into him.

It's looking pretty bad for him!

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Right Wing Extremism

South Carolina Gov Henry McMaster Gonna Hunt Down All The Democrats (Black People) With Dogs

Yep, that's what he said.

Sorry to keep mentioning it but Tim Scott is running for president. When South Carolina's junior senator officially declared his candidacy Monday at a North Charleston rally (a generous term for the event), he claimed he was the "radical Left's worst nightmare" ... a Black man with a badge ... oh, wait, that's Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours. No, Scott insists that the "radical Left" hates him because he's a Black conservative who apparently "disrupts their narrative" that the Republican Party is a pack of racist hyenas. Let's not get carried away: The current Congress has the most Black Republicans since 1877 and it''s barely enough to form a basketball team.

Scott also said, "When I pushed back on President Biden, they even called me the N-word."

Wild if true, which it's not if by "they," Scott means anyone directly associated with the Biden administration or any elected Democrat.

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