Why Does Trump Want Names Of Everybody Investigating Him, It Is A Witness Intimidation Treason Mystery!

His motives are always so hard to suss out.

News continues to trickle out about Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigations into Donald Trump.

The Washington Post has the latest on the inquiry surrounding Trump's potential obstruction of justice in handing over the classified documents and closely guarded state secrets he stole from the US government, focusing on a specific employee who kept showing up in surveillance footage moving boxes. Indeed, it sounds like Trump may have even waved off his own lawyer from looking for classified documents in his office, AKA the bridal suite at Mar-a-Lago, which sure does sound intentional, if proven true.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Smith's investigation, into Trump's efforts to overthrow the government and overturn the election he lost, the New York Times is reporting that White House aides have been subpoenaed related to the firing of Chris Krebs, the cybersecurity chief who judged the 2020 election to be the "most secure in American history." It certainly appeared at the time that the firing of Krebs was a direct retaliation for making the election too difficult to steal, and it flew in the face of the fantasy lie narrative Trump was trying to create, where the election had been taken from him through fraud and other improprieties.

So it'll be interesting to see how all these things play out. We imagine we'll be reading indictments about the classified documents long before we read indictments about January 6, as it seems like the docs investigation is much further along.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone reports that Trump, who is known for continuing to commit crimes while he is being investigated for crimes, is working overtime to find out the identities of the people investigating him. Not just for whatever purposes he has right now, but for his imaginary delusional purposes where he gets to fire them on day one, when he is "president" again.

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Trump Calling Kayleigh McEnany 'Milktoast' Because Sure, That's How That's Spelled

Definitely what winners do a year and a half out from their next humiliating election loss.

Let's check in with the absolute best hope Republicans have for 2024, the indicted (and likely to soon-to-be more indicted!) babbling moron of Mar-a-Lago.

That says:

"Kayleigh 'Milktoast'McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on FoxNews. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up. While 25 is great, it's not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll. The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!

All of the illiteracy obviously [sic]. Including the part about "Milktoast." We know there are MAGA people who will argue that Trump spelling it like that is just part of his four-dimensional chess, as if they're convincing anyone out there that Trump isn't just a poorly educated moron.

So "Milktoast." He's making up inane names for Kayleigh McEnany now, a woman who was his loyal press secretary, and who has done nothing in her life but lie for him, but who we guess is showing signs of possibly maybe not being 100 percent committed to Sparkle Motion. He is ready to hand her over to the "RINOS" and the "Globalists." You know (((what that means))).

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AI CEOs Fret About Danger Of AI, Still Refuse To Open Pod Bay Doors ​

They want to be regulated before it's too late. Wait, no, don't regulate the profitable stuff!

Silly me, I thought I was a couple weeks late in getting to the story about the AI executives who testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 16, saying they need to be regulated before their creations do something unspeakable, please stop them from their own business model, etc. But the news gods have very kindly handed me a new hook upon which to hang the discussion, because today, many of those AI business leaders released a one-sentence manifesto of sorts, calling for the world to please please stop them (the AI boffins) from destroying it (the world), if that's not too much trouble. So wow, what a timely portent of doom.

Here then is the "Center for AI Safety's" statement, signed by a passel of top AI people including AI godfather Geoffrey Hinton and the CEOs of several Big Tech AI firms, and it is designed to make everyone VERY CONCERNED.

Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.

First up, let's put "climate" on that list, because that's really the extinction risk we need to take immediate action on, not to deprecate World Targets in Megadeaths, possible bat-plagues that even the Joker could not resist, or our old pal SKYNET.

Secondly, we are contractually obligated to wonder if the statement was itself generated by ChatGPT.

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Live From The White House, It's The Press Briefing!

As always, on WonkTV!

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young with her today, so we BET they are going to talk about debt ceiling.

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