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GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman Knows Who Biden Oppressing, It Is White Man Judges Who Make Sex To Women

It is probably very rude to just hurl around terms like 'white supremacist,' but hurl we must.

Glenn Grothman, he is one of those white people in Congress. He is a Republican. Those are his primary characteristics. He is from the Sheboygan area of Wisconsin, so when he says white supremacist things, we imagine he says them with cheese on his breath.

He's shown up on Wonkette throughout the years.

When he was a state senator, he pushed a bill to make sure everybody understands how much single parents contribute to child abuse. He once told Alan Colmes that he thought women who said their pregnancies were "unintended" were only saying that because they'd been trained to.

Once he became a US congressman, he raged at the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, because wasn't the 14th Amendment passed by Christian civil war heroes, to advance the Christian lifestyle?

He was siding with Russia against Ukraine way back in 2019, when today's war was a mere twinkle in Vlad Putin's peenhole. He sides with Putin's peenhole twinkles quite a bit, actually.

He's the dumbass who said DC can't be a state, at least in part, because there's nothing to milk in DC. (Also nothing to mine, manufacture or grow. That's what makes a state, according to the rules Glenn Grothman made up that day.)

He thinks nobody cares about January 6 — the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited against America to overthrow the government and steal the 2020 election — except reporters.

Then there's his racist shit, like when he furiously opined about all these white people shoving Black Kwanzaa down his throat. In March, he was one of just 26 House Republicans who couldn't bring themselves to denounce white supremacy and say that the Great Replacement conspiracy theory — the one that inspires all the white supremacist mass shootings — is bad.

Well breaking news, but Glenn Grothman has said some more racist shit.

He got real pissy on the House floor yesterday because Joe Biden won't even nominate any white man judges who like to put their man wangers inside a woman's no-no. Why won't Biden nominate those? You know, just good old white people, the type who are men, with traditional Christian penises, who like to stick them in traditional Christian vaginas? Why does Joe Biden hate white people?

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National Politics

Eric Swalwell Cleared In Chinese Spy Probe, Bet Republicans Pretty Sorry For Constantly Lying About Him

You betcha.

When Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't getting openly jeered and mocked by her peers, she likes to make baseless, fact-free accusations during congressional hearings that Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell got caught fucking a Chinese spy. Amid all the Fox News conspiracy theories about the time a Chinese spy named Fang Fang tried to get close to Swalwell and a number of other California politicians, there was never an actual credible allegation that Swalwell had gotten caught fucking a Chinese spy. It was just the thing Republicans were insinuating, if you caught their drift, and they hoped you did.

But Greene, because she's a human incarnation of a wet armpit fart whose parents clearly didn't raise her well, just says it out loud.

Swalwell has been an understandable target for Republicans, because he has been an outspoken participant in congressional investigations into whether Republicans' indicted, twice-impeached third-grade-level-speaking lord and savior is a literal actual traitor. It's deflection and projection. They desperately need Democrats to be compromised.

Adam Schiff did a bunch of lies or something! Hillary Clinton stole the election from herself to frame Trump for Russia, Russia, Russia! Joe Biden did THING in COUNTRY for PERSON!



As we said, Republicans mostly just like to insinuate these things about Swalwell. They're just asking questions! Oh yeah, and big man House Speaker Kevin McCarthy kicked Swalwell and Schiff off the Intelligence Committee, in part citing these laughable accusations, because he is a spiteful priss. He pretended he knew something we did not. Adam Schiff reminded McCarthy that he was in that FBI briefing too, you dumbass.

But surely Greene's classless face will stop saying those things about Swalwell in congressional hearings, now that the House Ethics Committee, which is now led by Republicans, has dropped its two-year investigation into Swalwell, on account of "nothing fucking there." Right? Surely she wouldn't keep lying, like some kind of lying hunk of sun-dried dogshit?

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Republicans Giddy And Full Of Glee About Their Debt Ceiling 'Hostage' (America)

This close to sending Biden the US economy's severed ear in an envelope.

Every cop show from the past 30 years taught us a few things: Never negotiate with terrorists, don't give in to blackmailers because they'll only come back for more, and most women officers are models.

These first two lessons loom large during the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations. Republicans are holding the nation's economy hostage and demanding far-right policy concessions in exchange for not causing a devastating recession. They're not masking their perfidy, either.

Although originally President Joe Biden was the tough cop refusing to negotiate with hostage takers or give in to blackmail, he's changed his position recently, probably because presidents don't usually win re-election when Americans are standing in bread lines. He's willing to negotiate in good faith with Republicans who only act in bad faith. He'll at least consider a spending freeze and maybe some work requirements for deadbeat poor people.

This week, Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said, "We're willing to discuss freezing spending at current levels. That's an inherently reasonable position many in our party might even be uncomfortable with, but President Biden recognizes we're in a divided government situation."

Of course, this MAGA-factured debt ceiling crisis is not a result of "divided government." Democrats three times raised the debt ceiling during the Trump administration without demanding tax increases, Medicare for All, or drag queens on all US currency.

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And That's The Story Of How I Became The Mother Of Kaydon Boebert

Stay in school, kids.

Because it is one of the days what has occurred since December 19, 1986, there are people in America talking about how Lauren Opal Boebert might not be a particularly bright person. (That's when she was bornt.)

She was talking in a House hearing yesterday about prescription drug prices. We guess she doesn't want them lowered.

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