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On Climate, Joe Biden Gets The Whole GLOBAL Thing

Yeah, yeah, he's a globalist. We kind of live on a globe, and it's warming.

During a climate meeting with world leaders Thursday, President Joe Biden announced he plans to increase US funding to help Brazil fight deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, and to help developing countries transition away from fossil fuels and survive the challenges of a warming planet. In a virtual meeting of the "Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate," Biden pledged $500 million over five years to the Amazon Fund, an international fund to help cut deforestation in Brazil, and another $1 billion to the UN's Green Climate Fund, which would be double the current US commitment.

The Catch-'23 is that Congress would have to approve any such funding, and Republicans in the House are dead set against spending money on foreign aid, especially not on climate aid, because the GOP refuses to accept that climate change or other countries are even real.

The amounts Biden pledged are simultaneously 1) not in any sense a budget buster, 2) more than the US has ever pledged for international climate aid, 3) only a drop in the bucket of what's needed to do the job, and 4) far too much for Republicans, who doubtless think developing countries should pay us for helping entire coastal cities become beachfront property.

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climate change

Climate Crisis Well Into 'Just Like  Science Fiction' Territory

Extreme heat kills at least 11 in India.

On Sunday, Reuters reports, hundreds of thousands of people sat in the hot sun for hours during an award presentation in an empty field near Mumbai. As the event went on, the high temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius (100.4°F), with high humidity, which Reuters says is normal for this time of year, although sitting out in the midday sun for hours isn't. At least 11 people died of heatstroke, and about 50 were taken to hospitals; the Times of India reports that another unconfirmed tally set the death toll at 13, and adds that

Eight of the dead are women, mostly elderly. The casualties may rise as some of those hospitalised are believed to be critical with cardiac problems and fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

The disaster has led to accusations of careless planning for the annual awards ceremony, which this year honored a prominent social worker and health activist. India's Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah joined many officials from Maharashtra state at the dais — which was among the few parts of the grounds that was covered with shade. He tweeted this photo of the crowd as seen from the stage:

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Manly, War-Winning Non-Loser Vladimir Putin Kidnapping American Journalists Now

Definitely not a weakness move.

We guess Russia was feeling weak and puny with its back stuck up against a wall, because it's taken a journalist from a real country hostage.

Russia's FSB has detainedWall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, from the paper's Moscow bureau, on what we assume are entirely fictional imaginary espionage charges. The world might be more inclined to take Russia's statements seriously if it were a real country that didn't stifle all dissent, murder (often literally) the free press, and wasn't currently engaged in a genocidal war it started for no other reason but to make the masturbatory fever dreams of its increasingly frail leader come true. Hell, it banned telling the truth about how poorly that war is going. Also, just in general, Russia is a huge fucking liar trusted by no one who isn't an easily flattered idiot and/or traitor.

This is reportedly the first time they've kidnapped an American reporter as a spy since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the first time they've kidnapped a foreign journalist since they barged into Ukraine and started killing children. Obviously they've kidnapped American lesbian basketball stars and ex-US Marines and others. It's a pretty big deal that they've kidnapped an American journalist.

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New York Times, Fresh Out Of Mirrors, Tries To Solve Why US Invaded Iraq Whodunnit!

They're all trying to find the guy who did this.

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Among the many retrospectives, the New York Times, which did so much to boost the war with its reporting straight from inside Dick Cheney's butt, asked the important question, "20 Years On, a Question Lingers About Iraq: Why Did the US Invade?"

That's some lingering question, all right! The piece, by foreign correspondent Max Fisher, wonders not about the long-term effects of the war, or why the US occupation went so badly (it's a column, after all, not a shelf of books), but gets right down to the question of what motivated George W. Bush and his merry band of neocons to go to war in Iraq in the first place. Was it really about the 9/11 attacks? Certainly Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy Defense secretary, wanted Saddam Hussein to have been involved, as did others in the administration, including Dubya himself. But there wasn't any evidence, because Saddam wasn't involved and al Qaeda actually kind of hated him because he was a secularist anyway.

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