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250 People Fight For Possibly Spoiled Dumpster Food During Power Outage In Greg Abbott's Texas

People have now been without power longer than they were in 2021.

More than 400,000 people in Texas lost power last week due to the deadly ice storm that swept the Southern Plains and Southeast.

Tens of thousands of Texans are still without power, officially surpassing the three days many of them lost power during the outages of 2021 — and Austin city officials are now saying that some 30,000 homes and businesses might not get their electricity back for another week. This is a huge deal for people who need to go to work, cook food, and generally function like a person living in the year 2023.

Unlike the power outages of 2021, these outages have reportedly not been caused by a lack of power on the power grid, but rather by infrastructure and downed wires. They were also, just to be clear, not caused by drag queens or trans kids or abortion or white kids being told that racism exists or anything else high up on the Republican Party's list of immediate concerns.

So far, there have been seven deaths reported from the ice storm, but we probably won't know the full toll until much later. The 2021 outage led to the deaths of more than 100 people.

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Nice Time

LA Mayor Karen Bass Moving Unhoused People 'Inside Safe,' For A Start

No more police sweeps, either.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass was sworn in on December 12 and immediately declared a state of emergency to address homelessness. The week before Christmas, she signed an executive order launching a new initiative called "Inside Safe" aimed at getting unhoused people out of camps and into temporary housing in motel rooms while the city provides them social services and help them find more permanent housing.

The program is voluntary and enlists outreach workers to persuade people to accept rehousing, rather than the notorious police sweeps that just come in and bust up camps to clear people out. Bass said during the presser announcing Inside Safe that police were not leading the operations, and that she didn't want anyone ticketed or punished just for being homeless.

"The role of the police is if they are needed" she said. "To be clear, this is a housing-based strategy. This is not a punitive strategy."
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Nevada Wingnut Militia Grifter Michele Fiore Now A Judge, F*ck It, Why Not

May all her cases involve sovereign citizens.

Michele Fiore, the former Nevada state assemblywoman and Las Vegas city councilwoman who despite being a pioneer of the Christmas Gun Greetings genre and an early adopter of full transgender panic never quite became the national GOP star she so clearly wanted to be — at least, not yet — lost another statewide campaign in November, this time for state treasurer. Yr Wonkette would like to apologize for having missed that campaign. It must have been a doozy, what with her colorful history of huge IRS tax liens (her ex-husband's fault, she said) and her failed home-health business, which had its license revoked after she refused to show state regulators her financial records during an investigation of alleged Medicaid fraud.

Other career highlights include the time she actually did some good for once and talked down some of the last Bundy Militia Loons at the 2016 Oregon wildlife sanctuary standoff. Despite that feather in her cap, she didn't win the congressional race she was running at the time. That may have something to do with the TV interview where she said it was fine to shoot federal officers, but only if they were doing tyranny to you.


Idiot Nevada Lawmaker Michele Fiore Decks The Halls With Guns, Tits, More Guns

Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore Has Girl Parts On Her Nakedness Area, And So Should You!

Nevada Wingnut Rep. Michele Fiore Stoled All The Money From Medicaid, Maybe

Idiot Nevada Lawmaker Michele Fiore's Grifty Home Healthcare Business Goes Tits Up

Oregon Standoff Ends In Arrests, Disappointment At Failure To Spark Revolution

Michele Fiore At War With Pussy Nevada Cops Who Lack The Balls To Let Her Shoot Them

In conclusion, what a nut! Oh, wait, she's actually in the news again:

Fiore quickly rebounded from her latest electoral disappointment by getting herself appointed a judge last week, although she lacks any real qualifications like a law degree or what most normal humans might consider a moral sense. But she's very good at far-right morality, what with all the support for insurrectionists and domestic terrorists like the Bundy family, so that should be plenty good enough. As the Associated Press reports, she'll be serving on the Pahrump Justice Court in Nye County through 2024. Pahrump is about 65 miles west of Las Vegas, and mostly famous for 10- to 12-year old kids saying its second syllable really loud.

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US of America News

We Don’t Love The Winter Weather

It’s damn cold, and people don’t have power or water.

The person in the song “Let It Snow” is a selfish creep. When the weather outside is frightful, it doesn’t matter how delightful your own fire is. Other people exist in the world and are greatly inconvenienced, if not in mortal peril. Dozens of people so far have died during the massive winter storm that battered the US on Friday, and millions were left without power.

There were more than 2,600 flight cancellations nationwide as of Christmas Eve, and more than 6,000 flights were delayed, which is the “It’s Complicated” relationship status setting just before cancellation. Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is among the most impacted airports, presumably because of the weather, but from personal experience, the Atlanta airport is a mess under the clearest skies.

Two people died Friday in New York’s Erie County because emergency medical personnel simply couldn’t reach their homes in time. Buffalo, where four feet of snow accumulated by Christmas, had recorded 25 weather-related deaths by Monday morning, and the blizzard conditions had left the state resembling a “war zone.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared, "This is a war with mother nature and she has been hitting us with everything she has" since Thursday.

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