Ron DeSantis Takes Break From Punching Queer Kids, Gives Immigrant Kids Their Turn

The cruelty is the point. The cruelty is the only point.

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis prepares to run for president, he's not about to make the rookie mistake of relying on rightwing bigots' hatred of LGBTQ+ people to win the GOP nomination. Not when there's so much diversity, equity, and inclusiveness of hate in his party! So to shore up his credentials as the nation's premier practitioner of hate, DeSantis last month called for a range of new measures attacking undocumented immigrants. Among other things, he wants to ban local governments from issuing any identification cards for undocumented people (and invalidate any such identity documents issued by other states), and to ban the issuance of out-of-state tuition waivers for college and university students who aren't citizens or legal aliens.

That last one is a special little bit of evil, since it would undo a 2014 law originally backed by Jeanette Núñez, who's now DeSantis's lieutenant governor; it had allowed "Dreamers" to pay in-state tuition to attend Florida colleges and universities. But even children brought to the US at a very young age are still ILLEGALS, so no breaks for them. "Why would we subsidize a non-US citizen when we want to make sure we can keep it affordable for our own people?" the alleged human being said.

Most of those provisions are crammed into a vile little bill, Florida Senate Bill 1718, that would also make it a felony to transport any undocumented person "into or within this state." Get caught giving a ride anywhere in Florida to someone you know doesn't have papers, and that's a class-three felony in Florida. In addition, the bill criminalizes "concealing, harboring, or shielding from detection" anyone who illegally entered the US, so you could also be a criminal if you knowingly let a Dreamer or any other undocumented person inside your home.

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Nice Time: Immigrants Having Great Time On Martha's Vineyard, Thanks Ron DeSantis!

DeSantis won't have a shortage of volunteers signing up the next time he pulls this stunt.

A few months back, whiny-voiced smegma goblin and governor of America's most useless appendage, Ron DeSantis of Florida, had an idea about how to both boost his national profile with Republican primary voters and fuck over a bunch of powerless migrants, his two favorite activities, all at once.

So he sent someone from his administration to Texas, to find some migrants who had crossed the southern border and were hanging around waiting for our nation's execrable immigration system to start the long, long process of digesting them in its twisty bowels.

DeSantis' minions rounded up about 50 or so of these Venezuelan migrants and stuck them on private jets to the tony island of Martha's Vineyard because that's where all the rich white liberals live and the rich white liberals broadly favor immigration because they are insulated from the overwhelming crush of migrants at the southern border so let's dump a bunch of migrants on their doorstep without telling the island they're coming and see how they like it, BOOM, OWNED, LIBS!

We all remember what happened next, which is that the liberals teamed up to drive the migrants into the sea while yelling at them to swim to Cape Cod and leave their beautiful exclusive paradise alone. Ha ha, no, of course that's not what happened. The people of Martha's Vineyard welcomed them with open arms, fed them, housed them, found them some warmer clothes since DeSantis had shipped them to friggin' New England in T-shirts, and generally did not act like a bunch of mean, shouty assholes.

The Vineyard's local paper, the Vineyard Gazette, checked in recently with four of the migrants who stayed on the Vineyard, and wouldn't you know it, they are thriving:

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Joe Biden Wants To Kick 13-Year-Old Slaughterhouse Cleaners Out Of Their Jobs

That's a tyranny!

As the US staggers through its Second Gilded Age, the legacy of decades of Republicans promising we'd all be better off if we just cut regulations on business while also gutting government agencies that only get in the way of prosperity, we're once more seeing problems that a lot of people thought had been left behind a century ago, like the horrors of child labor. Funny thing about capitalism: When you take away regulations that are supposed to keep people safe, the same old abuses come roaring right back.

Perhaps the one consolation is that we also have muckraking journalists who expose the abuses. As the New York Timesreported over the weekend (free gift link), the USA is seeing a wave of exploitation of migrant children who shouldn't be working in dangerous full-time jobs, but who are, thanks to failures in government systems meant to protect migrant children, chronic under-staffing of the agencies that are supposed to protect worker rights, and of course the tight post-pandemic labor market, in which there are too many job openings and too few adult workers willing to work for the low wages employers are offering. These kids aren't hiding out from immigration authorities, either: Most have been processed through the immigration system after surrendering at the border, and are in the US legally while their immigration cases move forward.

Also fortunate: There's a pro-labor Democrat in the White House, and outrage over the Times story has prompted the Biden administration to take action (another gift linky) to crack down on the abuses the investigation exposed:

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NY Times Exposé: Migrant Child Laborers Taking US Children's Dangerous ​Jobs

What? You say children shouldn't work dangerous jobs?

Remember how we all laughed at Newt Gingrich and mocked him back in 2011 when he suggested maybe schools could save money by hiring children to do the janitorial work and haha, did that idiot think it was 1890 or something? But of course, since the Reagan years, Republicans and business have been doing everything in their power to recreate the Gilded Age, only with smartphones. And yes indeedy, that includes child labor. Just look at that 1909 photo up top: replace the wooden shelves and cigar boxes with stainless steel, conveyor belts, and boxes of Cheerios, and make the girls Guatemalan 15-year-olds who are working the night shift at a factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and here we are again.

Chances are extremely good that most of us are buying stuff made using child labor, right here in the USA, as the New York Timesreports in a blockbuster investigation (NYT gift link) that calls to mind the muckraking journalism that helped end child labor back in the first Gilded Age. Times investigative reporter Hannah Dreier and her team talked to more than a hundred child laborers in 20 states and reviewed records that make it clear that this isn't just a matter of a few bad apples hiring migrant kids. The economy is shot through with underaged workers, and virtually all the safeguards that were supposed to keep that from happening have fallen apart.

Hooray for capitalism. Hooray for dismantling the administrative state. And now Republicans in several states want to make it easier for American kids to work dangerous jobs too, as long as they call it part of a "training program."

Read Moar: GREAT IDEA IOWA! Let Children Work Dangerous Jobs And Then Give Their Employers Civil Immunity!

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