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Trump Hotel, Trump Kid Throwing Fun Weekend Bash With Actual Nazis, Is That Bad?

Triumph of the Shills.

Rachel Maddow's A block last night felt at times like a broadcast from an alternate Earth, but it wasn't a tie-in with The Man in the High Castle, it was straight reporting about an upcoming Nuremberg Rally"ReAwaken America" event to be held at Donald Trump's Doral National hotel in Miami this weekend. Maddow noted that the event will feature an assload of figures from the Trump administration's discard pile, like fired national security adviser Michael Flynn, former (acting) Attorney General Matthew Whitaker (I briefly blanked on his name, because around here he's just "Meatball"), former economic adviser Peter Navarro, that weirdo Kash Patel who somehow had a senior Defense Department appointment, former Congressman Devin Nunes (but not his cow), plus some actual Trumps like Eric and Lara. The Pillow Guy, Mike Pillow, will be there too.

But it won't just be that already awful group of people you'd never want to be trapped in a room with; the event will also feature a couple of full-on antisemitic conspiracy mongers, Scott McKay and Charlie Ward, who openly admire Adolf Hitler and regularly blame Jews for everything they think is wrong with the world. We aren't talking coy references, but straight, undiluted "Hitler was right."

Here's video of the segment.


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Post-Racial America

Kayleigh McEnany Says Racist Thing, Water Continues To Be Wet

Puppies remain adorable, the sky remains blue, and so forth.

Kayleigh McEnany! Remember her? We do, much to our everlasting dismay. We were very much hoping that after her former boss Donald Trump left the White House, she would retire to a life of complaining on NextDoor about Cubans moving into her Florida neighborhood or something, and the rest of us could go back to our pre-2016 blissful ignorance of her benighted existence.

Unfortunately, ‘twas not to be. McEnany has spent the Biden years on Fox, occasionally popping up on Fox News to lie that she had never lied as Press Secretary or whining because Annie Leibowitz never shot her for the cover of Vanity Fair.

Or, as she did on Friday, to engage in some spectacularly racist stereotyping:

Honestly, we thought there was no way that tweet was accurate. We thought surely Kat Abughazaleh, a Media Matters producer who must be enduring some karmic retribution for being a serial killer in her last life by having a job requiring her to watch Fox News all day in this one, was exaggerating or missing some context.

Nope! This clip starts with McEnany talking about the continuing protests over the death of Jordan Neely, a Black man and Michael Jackson impersonator who was strangled to death on a New York subway this week for the crime of being poor and in need of help:

“Neely was later pronounced dead and investigators have ruled it a homicide. While there’s an ongoing investigation, we’re still trying to gather those facts…”

Side note: obviously there is some sort of investigation, but the investigator who ruled Neely’s death a homicide was the New York City medical examiner, and the reason the New York City medical examiner ruled Neely’s death a homicide is because some former Marine put an arm around his throat and crushed his windpipe. What’s the non-homicidal, non-manslaughter excuse there, he has a nerve disorder and his arm cramped up?

What's being investigated is whether the Marine's actions rise to the level of a chargeable criminal offense, but that he committed a homicide is not in doubt. McEnany graduated from Harvard Law School but she has apparently never watched an episode of Law & Order.

McEnany then played a clip of protesters marching through the streets and chanting for justice, backed by someone beating on drums or an overturned plastic bucket or some other music-producing object. Most of the protestors marching in the clip are Black, which led to McEnany’s observation that “at least they have rhythm.”

Ho ho, Black people have rhythm! What’s next, Kayleigh, at least Jews are good with money? At least Asians are good at math? At least blonde white women don’t have the brains God gave a tomato?

Of course someone off-camera guffawed very loudly at McEnany's crack. Of course.

We’re assuming McEnany was test-running some material before next week, when she will be hosting Fox’s eight o’clock hour in place of the recently departed and not at all lamented Tucker Carlson. Tucker was known for shoveling racism and white supremacy directly into his audience’s frontal lobes. So, continuity!


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Post-Racial America

Ron DeSantis Wants Very Own Chinese Exclusion Act

Playing the classics!

Fresh on the heels/heel turn of his stupid fight with Disney, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to have found another strategy to be awful to Floridians and to damage Florida's economy in the pursuit of the 2024 GOP nomination. The Florida state House yesterday passed a bill aimed at preventing the Chinese Communist Party from buying land in Florida, but goes well beyond that by forbidding anyone who's "domiciled" in China from owning any real estate in Florida, unless they're a US citizen or permanent resident. The bill also includes other restrictions on some foreign ownership of properties near military bases or "critical infrastructure," but the blanket ban on owning any property in Florida applies only to Chinese nationals.

By golly, it's a throwback to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, when America decided it could admit loutish Irish, swarthy sex-crazed Italians, and anarchist Rooshians, but Chinese immigrants were some kinda threat.

Supporters of the measure, Senate Bill 264, claim it's absolutely necessary for US national security, and for that matter some say that anyone opposing it is probably a Chinese agent too.

That's exactly the kind or rhetoric that has led real estate interests and Asian Americans in Florida to say that the bill is rooted in xenophobia, and will lead to anti-Asian discrimination, particularly since, as the Miami Herald explains,

it would require home and land buyers to sign an affidavit that they’re not prohibited from buying land. Realtors would be subject to “civil or criminal liability” if they have “actual knowledge” that the transaction violates the law.

At hearings on the Senate version of the bill last month, the Herald notes, more than 100 people testified that they've been subjected to racist slurs already as paranoid rhetoric about China "gobbling up" huge tracts of US land has ramped up in rightwing media. On Saturday, Asian Americans across Florida rallied against the bill, arguing that it will lead to stereotyping and more acts of discrimination, and that it could imperil their own small businesses if they run afoul of the law, which requires Chinese "domiciled" owners to divest their Florida properties within two years.

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Michigan Mayor Cancels Bangladeshi Festival For Being Too 'Ethnic'

This does not seem to apply to St. Patrick's Day events or Polish Day parades.

Since 2009, the city of Warren, Michigan, has held the Bangladeshi American Festival in its city square. The Bangladeshi Association of Michigan (BAM), which organizes the event, had already given the city a $1000 deposit, had paid all the artists and workers, and was all set to run from July 22-23. Well, they were, until they were informed by Warren Parks and Recreation Director Dino Turcato that they would not be allowed to hold the festival this year.

Why? Because the Bangladeshi American Festival is an "ethnic" festival, and that is simply not allowed. Well, unless you count all of the city's St. Patrick's Day events, the yearly Oktoberfest celebration hosted by the Warren Police Honor Guard, or the Italian-American Festival, which takes place in August and which we have to imagine imagine Dino will be attending. Do not click on that last link, by the way, unless you wish to be aurally assaulted by the MIDI version of a tarantella. It's just for reference.

Just last year, the city also became the home of Michigan's Polish Day Parade.

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