Class War

When The Matewan Miners, Mayor, And Police Chief Faced Off Against The Mines' Gun Thugs

Men. With guns.

In the early 20th Century, the coal companies ruled West Virginia as a fiefdom. In those hollows, where people or information could not easily come in or out without the companies knowing, miners lived as it if were the Middle Ages. Little schooling, shoddy housing, high-priced company stores, debt, mining accidents, and black lung disease defined people’s lives.

The United Mine Workers of America, founded in 1890, had fought for decades to organize these workers, but in such remote areas, far from eastern cities and the attention newspapers would bring, the mine companies had no problem beating and murdering union organizers, blacklisting union supporters and throwing them out of their homes, and doing everything possible to keep the miners under their thumb. The coal companies controlled politics throughout the region but nowhere more so than West Virginia, where they completely ruled the state. Workers had resisted repeatedly, but faced overwhelming state power to crush their strikes.

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climate change

Rural America Gonna Get Woke Clean Energy Dollars. Thanks A Lot, Joe Biden!

Rural utilities won't even have to teach CRT, so it's quite the deal.

The Biden administration is rolling out another part of its effort to speed up America's transition to renewable energy, announcing Tuesday that $11 billion in grants and loans are now available to rural areas to ditch old inefficient fossil fuel plants and replace them with affordable clean energy.

The aid comes in the form of two Department of Agriculture programs: The "Empowering Rural America" or “New ERA” program will provide $9.7 billion in grants for rural electric cooperatives to "deploy renewable energy systems, zero-emission and carbon capture systems," and the "Powering Affordable Clean Energy" (PACE) loan program that will provide another billion dollars in partly forgivable loans to a range of rural and tribal energy entities to "help finance large-scale solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydropower projects and energy storage in support of renewable energy systems."

The administration has been very diligent in pointing out that this is the biggest federal investment in rural energy infrastructure since Franklin D. Roosevelt's Rural Electrification Act in 1936, although the announcements have also been fairly careful not to put the words "green" and "New Deal" anywhere near each other.

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Joe Biden Would Love To Negotiate With Republicans: Let's Close Some Tax Loopholes!

That's weird that they said no!

Since Republicans are pretending to be Very Concerned About the Deficit — as they only are when a Democrat is president — the White House offered Republican leaders in Congress a list of ideas that would help reduce the deficit, primarily by closing tax loopholes that cost the federal government billions in lost revenue.

You will absolutely guess what happened next: The Republicans, who have been demanding massive (but mostly unspecified) cuts to non-defense spending as the price of raising the debt ceiling, "rejected every item" on the list, according to three anonymous "people familiar with the matter," as the Washington Post reports (free gift link):

On a phone call last week, senior White House officials floated about a dozen tax plans to reduce the deficit as part of a broader budget agreement with House Republicans, including a measure aimed at cryptocurrency transactions and another for large real estate investors, two of the people said. They were all swiftly rejected by the GOP aides on the call, the people said.

This is because Republicans don't actually care about reducing government debt; they care about telling people they want to reduce government debt. Debt limit negotiations continue this week, as Democrats work to find a way to prevent the disastrous economic consequences of defaulting on the US national debt, and Republicans work to find a way to force Democrats to accept wholesale dismantling of successful Biden policies by threatening to force a default on the debt.

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Daniel Penny, Subway Marine Choke Hold Guy, Is A Disgrace To The Marine Corps, From A US Marine

Yeah, NOPE.

While ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN all had panel discussions focused strictly on presidential politics on the Sunday shows, "Fox News Sunday" veered into a topic that shouldn't be political but the rightwing is going to make it: the murder of Jordan Neely at the hands of Marine vet Daniel Penny.

According to reporting from CNN, Penny applied a rear naked choke to Neely. That report also says Daniel Penny wrestled and had Jordan Neely in the choke for seven minutes. The video that was recorded by fellow passenger Juan Alberto Vazquez shows the death of Jordan Neely with the exception the initial three to four minutes of the choke.

After laying out the latest development and playing a clip of the Neely family's attorney Donte Mills, "Fox News Sunday" host Shannon Bream turned it over to her panel where syndicated conservative radio clown Cal Thomas rushed to spit out dog whistles and defend an (alleged) murderer.

: Yes, well, that never stops anybody from speculating. You have the RINO, Al Sharpton, reverend in name only, out there. [...] This was a man, clearly, as you indicated, who had mental troubles. He has a history of harassing, especially women, on the subways. And it's interesting though that the crowdfunding amount of money now has exceeded $1 million for his [Daniel Penny's] defense.

There is nothing "interesting" about a man who kills a Black person (or, in a separate case, a man who kills someone protesting on behalf of Black people) being funded and defended by rightwing scumbags. Even those who pretend to "serve and protect" while endorsing violence perpetrated against Americans.

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