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Louisiana Republican Considers Medical Evidence, Nixes Anti-Trans Bill. No, Really!

National wingnuts are mad. He doesn't care, because they're not from his district.

On Wednesday, a pretty remarkable thing happened in the Louisiana state Senate: The Republican chair of the Health and Welfare Committee, state Sen. Fred Mills, voted against moving a ban on gender-affirming healthcare for minors to the full Senate, killing the bill, at least for now. (Other Republicans are already pushing to bring the bill up for a floor vote by bypassing the committee process; more on that in a bit.) So for now at least, Louisiana is the only Southern state to to have rejected a ban on gender- affirming care. The vote gives trans kids and their families a bit of breathing room, not only in Louisiana but also in nearby states that have banned the lifesaving care that's endorsed by every major medical and pediatric professional association in the country.

Possibly even more remarkable: Mills, a pharmacist, said he decided to vote against the bill because he had paid attention to the testimony during hearings, and had read a report the Louisiana Department of Health published in March. That report reviewed Medicaid statistics between 2017 and 2021 and found there had been exactly zero surgeries for gender reassignment performed on minors in Louisiana. What's more, in the same period, very few Louisiana minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria — just 14.6 percent — received either puberty blockers or hormone therapy, and among those who did, the vast majority, more than 75 percent, were 15 to 17 years old. What's more, the report found that trans minors who did receive such care had better mental health, and that there was an extremely low rate of patients who later regretted getting the treatment — about one percent, which is lower than the two or maybe four percent regret rates for breast enhancement that we found in an extremely cursory search (we ignored the stats from law firms).

So hey, Mills decided, not exactly an issue needing the state to interfere in medical decisions made by families and their doctors.

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Cool TN Lady Gonna Fill The Social Studies Standards With Awesome Stuff Like 'Barack Obama Did The Tornados'

Of course we've met her before, your Wonkette's on top of shit!

The Education Wars just never go away, and in today's dispatch from the front lines we'll look at Tennessee, where a rightwing conspiracy theory fan and anti-Muslim bigot has just been appointed to the committee that sets standards for the state's social studies curricula.

Yr Wonkette already introduced you last year to Laurie Cardoza-Moore, the nutball Tennessee bigot lady, when she was a member of the state textbook commission that was tasked with making sure only "age appropriate" materials were in them. You may recall that Tennessee was considering a measure that would have required state approval of every last item in the collections of school libraries; the bill's sponsor charmingly said that any materials not approved by the commission should be burned. Ultimately, the Lege settled for a different plan that gave the textbook commission the power to hear appeals of book challenges brought by parents, so the state could ban library books even after a local school board had gone through a challenge process and approved them. Hooray for compromise.

We guess that Ms. Cardoza-Moore must have either done a bang-up job on that commission, or at the very least that she has powerful friends in Tennessee, because clearly it's the latter thing. She was chosen for the Tennessee Standards Recommendation Committee by Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R), the slimebooger we came to know and loathe during the kangaroo court proceedings that expelled Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson in April. Sexton also appointed her to the textbook commission in 2021, which is quite the coincidence.

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Give This Hero Target Employee A Whopping Raise And Reserved Parking Please

She is not here for your trans panic bullshit. Have her advise corporate execs.

The rightwing terrorists who have been targeting Target stores because they carry Pride-themed items haven't been the least bit calmed by the company's stupid decision to give in to the hate. As Evan noted yesterday, the decision to move Pride collections to the back of stores and in some cases remove the merch all together has not slowed the bigots down in the slightest.


Wingnuts Having A Good Old-Fashioned Satanic Panic About ... Target

Target Gives The Terrorists What They Want

Take this White Power fascist mustache-abuser Ethan Schmidt (please!), who has garnered a measure of infamy for going into Target stores to record himself accosting customers and staff about the store's "Satanic" LGBTQ+ themed clothes.

He got his start as an anti-masker (and in March was convicted of trespassing at an Arizona wig store in a 2021incident), but has moved on to anti-LGBTQ+ hatred since that's where the clicks and the money are. He's widely mocked online for dumb stunts like very daintily stepping on a Target "pride" sign like a big tough guy. In the instance below, he was praised by performative outrage guru Matt Walsh for his performative outrage.

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Culture Wars

Oh No, '70s Feminism Is Back To Change Spelling Of 'Women' And Enforce Universal Pantsuit-Wearing

Chris Rufo has a new red meat, it is lady meat.

Those wacky right-wing shit-stirrers at Campus Reform, the Harass-Your-Liberal-Professor site that targets college and university faculty for allegedly doing woke indoctrination, have found a whole new thing to worry about.

This week, they sent one of their "reporters" to George Mason University to interview ordinary students about the latest leftist threat in America, even though the supposed threat is nonexistent and has nothing to do with George Mason U, or even with Masons, which seems like an oversight since they secretly run everything.

So what's the new threat from The Left? According to the article, there's an "emerging movement to change the spelling of the word 'women.'" Or at least Campus Reform and a few other right-wing nutters seem to want other righties to believe there is, only in addition to the old 1970s freakout over "womyn" as an attempt by Those Crazy Feminists to erase men, there's also the ongoing freakout over transgender people, as we saw with post-Dobbs gripes any time someone wrote "pregnant people."

The only problem with this supposed "emerging movement" is that it pretty much exists only in the heads of some right-wingers. Big surprise: it's a work in progress by professional Culture War hype man Chris Rufo, who also brought us the right-wing freakout over "critical race theory" in kindergarten classes, has helped stoke the ongoing panic over trans people existing, and is some of the "brains" behind the war on drag queens.


Here’s The POS Who Scared Your Conservative Relatives With Lies About Critical Race Theory

Who's Attacking Children's Hospitals Today?

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