Trump Did THREE Perfect Calls To Overturn Georgia? Go To Three Prisons!

The more we hear from the Georgia grand jury the more we feel like that's a distinct possibility.

Let's get the ball rolling so Fox News doesn't have to: These Georgia grand jurors are so woke, they probably got a restful night of sleep last night. They're so woke they probably didn't even have to drink coffee today. They're so woke they probably go on dates with Hunter Biden to Silicon Valley Bank in the morning.

OK cool. The Atlanta Journal Constitution dropped some very cool new reporting and interviews with the grand jurors in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's investigation into Donald Trump's attempts to overthrow the free and fair 2020 election in Georgia. If you're already cringing hearing "Georgia grand jurors talking to media," worry not. These people are anonymous and it appears they're being very careful about blabbing any information they shouldn't.

What they are telling us, though, is fascinating. For instance, Trump made yet another PERFECT CALL trying to overthrow the election. There was the most famous one — the "find me 11,780 votes" one, to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. There was the one to Frances Watson, the lead investigator in the secretary of state's office, when he pressed her to get to the "right' answer on what happened in Georgia.

BEFORE! If Team Trump Is Sh*tting Itself This Much Over THESE Georgia Grand Jury Excerpts, Imagine What's Under Seal

And now we have Trump's third perfect call, which jurors heard, to Georgia Republican House Speaker David Ralston, telling him to convene a special session of the Georgia Legislature to overturn Joe Biden's win and give it to him. Ralston, as we know, did not do that.

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Maria Bartiromo Is Scared And Sad! And More LOL Highlights From Last Night's Fox News Document Dump!

These fucking people.

A whole bunch of new texts and and emails were unsealed last night in the $1.2 billion defamation case Dominion Voting Systems filed against Fox News, and boy howdy. The amount of shit these people talk about each other, about Donald Trump, and the obvious sneering contempt they have for the viewers they lie to.

Let's read some together!

We've already talked about Tucker this morning: "I hate Trump passionately." So do we. This may be the first time we've ever vehemently agreed with Tucker.

One More Funny Thing, Though.

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Uh Oh, Idaho MAGA Found Some Woke, It Is In This 6000-Student Tech Training Community College

Is the woke in the welding program or the commercial truck driver certification?

It's always worrying when I see that Idaho, my home state, has made the New York Times again, and the headline on Monday's story was a doozy: "The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College." It turns out that the community college, which is hardly a hotbed of wokeness, has been subjected to the tender mercies of board candidates backed by the super-rightwing Kootenai County Republican Party, that fun-loving bunch of MAGA loons who endorsed a raving antisemitic creep for a local school board (he lost) and also unsuccessfully tried to take over the local Democratic Party and steal its donations, through ratfucking most foul.

Read More:

North Idaho GOP's Batsh*t Plan: Take Over Local Democratic Party, Steal Donations, ?????, PROFIT

Local GOP Proudly Endorses Sweaty Anti-Semite For Post Falls, Idaho School Board

Once the Kootenai GOP decided to push candidates for the board of trustees for North Idaho College (NIC) — officially nonpartisan seats, but nothing is nonpartisan here — things went weird quickly, as the Times explains.

For most of the past two years, the college’s governing board has been a volatile experiment in turning grievances into governance. Trustees backed by the county Republican Party hold a majority on the board. They have denounced liberal “indoctrination” by the college faculty and vowed to bring the school administration’s “deep state” to heel and “Make N.I.C. Great Again.”

The problem for the culture warriors who took over the NIC board of trustees seems to be that there simply wasn't a lot of radical Marxism to weed out at the school, which as the Times says is "better known locally for its technical training programs than the politics of its faculty."

But that was no reason not to sow chaos: The conservative majority on the board has chewed through several NIC presidents, resulting in votes of no confidence from the college faculty and the student government and departures of faculty and administrators, and all that instability led to warnings from the regional accrediting agency that the college was in danger of losing its accreditation. The agency put the college on notice in late February that it must "show cause" for keeping its accreditation, and that was quickly followed by a downgrade of NIC's bond rating by Moody's, which cited the warning and the "dysfunction" in the college's governance.

If North Idaho College loses accreditation, that would essentially shut it down after 75 years of operation, since students' credits for any future classes would no longer be transferable. We bet that would really own the libs, should any be found.

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Should Fox News Call Elections Based On Numbers Or Feelings? Journalism Is Tough!

More on the ongoing humiliation of Fox News.

Here's another one for the "Let's pretend we didn't know THE WHOLE TIME that Fox News was actively lying to its viewers" file. It's the "surprise" we've all been "grappling with" ever since we started reading Dominion filings. That said, it's a bit wild to see just how craven these people really are behind the scenes, and how much apparent contempt they have for their viewers. We've learned just how much bullshit Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch believed Donald Trump's fever dreams about a "rigged and stollen [sic] election"] election" to be. "Really crazy stuff," he said.

This weekend's batch of news isn't a court filing, but rather reporting from the New York Times on how nuts it was off camera at Fox just after the 2020 election, how much "panic" there was. You'll remember that one major event from Fox's election coverage was that it correctlycalled Arizona for Joe Biden, far earlier than anyone else did, and Trumpworld was seething over it.

Fox anchors and execs were so mad their network had called it correctly. We imagine things do feel weird and icky over at Fox News HQ on the rare occasion their network is the most accurate of them all. They were worried all their idiot viewers were going to leave them for Newsmax, who would blow BS up their butts even harder than Fox was willing to.

And so Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott put together a Zoom call to figure out how to make sure this never happened again:

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