Nikki Haley Mean Girls That Nice Bud Light Trans Lady Dylan Mulvaney, For Votes

Dylan Mulvaney is not actually running for president, although she's probably polling higher than Haley.

Dylan Mulvaney is a 26-year-old actress and TikTok influencer who exists in the world as a trans woman. This infuriates joyless bigots, who staged boycotts and shot up beer cans after Bud Light featured her in an online promotion. Actual sitting US senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn literally launched a federal investigation into the Bud Light sponsorship and demanded that a private company sever all ties with Mulvaney.

SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THIS SHIT: Ted Cruz Investigating Bud Light For Felony Nice To Trans Lady

Yet, that is almost polite bullying compared to doomed presidential candidate Nikki Haley's repulsive attacks on a private citizen who's done nothing to anyone.

Haley visited New Hampshire Wednesday and spoke at Saint Anselm College's Politics & Eggs program, which is billed as an opportunity for New Hampshire and New England business leaders to meet with major party presidential candidates. Haley didn't bring any eggs nor even any relevant political discussion. Instead, Haley delivered her version of a humorless Dave Chappelle rant.

"Everybody knows about Dylan Mulvaney? Bud Light, right?" Haley asked the audience. "Make no mistake. That is a guy, dressed up like a girl, making fun of women. Women don't act like that. Yet, everybody's wondering why a third of our teenage girls seriously contemplated suicide last year?"

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And That's The Story Of How I Became The Mother Of Kaydon Boebert

Stay in school, kids.

Because it is one of the days what has occurred since December 19, 1986, there are people in America talking about how Lauren Opal Boebert might not be a particularly bright person. (That's when she was bornt.)

She was talking in a House hearing yesterday about prescription drug prices. We guess she doesn't want them lowered.

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Right Wing Extremism

Target Gives The Terrorists What They Want

Do not obey the terrorists.

The news today is that terrorists are threatening Target because it's selling some clothes they don't like, and Target is caving to their demands. That's it, distilled to its simplest form.

To get more specific, garbage human conservative MAGA supporters, some of whom buy into QAnon conspiracy theories, but also others who are just Matt Walsh types, are making very real threats of violence against Target stores, because of the Pride merchandise they've been selling. This is part of their full-on Nazi war against all LGBTQ+ people, but especially kids.

And Target, citing genuine fear for its people, is acceding to some of the terrorists' demands, removing certain unspecified apparel items from its shelves.

As with everything white fascist Christian conservatives believe, this all started with easily debunked lies, lies they might not believe if they were capable of occasionally stopping and asking themselves questions like "Really? Is my brain broken right now? What is goddamn wrong with me?"

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State/Local Politics

Oregon Republicans Go Full Ferris Bueller To Block Democratic Bills

Here's why we think this is bad but also good if Democrats do it.

Oregon Republicans can’t prevent Democrats from passing sensible legislation addressing the climate crisis, upholding abortion rights, and defending the LGBTQ community. However, they can flee the state and deny Democrats the quorum necessary to conduct business. Oregon is one of the few states that requires at least two thirds of legislators present to do much of anything, even order a pizza.

This was a common practice during previous legislative sessions, enough so that voters last year overwhelmingly approved Measure 113, which disqualifies lawmakers from serving another term if they have 10 unexcused absences in a single session (presumably attending the funeral for Sloane Peterson's grandmother doesn’t count).

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