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Those Cakes We Like ... Got Caught In The Rain

Luckily, they have umbrellas.

Hello from the heat of the kitchen. Seriously, it’s getting hot in here.

This week I’m baking a cocktail in cake form. It was my husband’s birthday on Thursday and, as is traditional in my house, he challenged me to bake something specific, in this case a Pina Colada celebration cake. It’s very carbohydrate heavy, so diabetics beware. I’d suggest trying to get around 32 portions out of it if you're worried about the carbs.

Carb count: 2030g for the whole cake, 63.4g based on per serving based on 32 portions.

There are a few bits of equipment that are essential to have if you intend to recreate this cake yourself:

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Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, The Cantarito!

Summer drinking season has officially started.

Greetings, Wonketeers, and happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m sure you’ll have the chance to drink many delicious margaritas today, but let me offer you something a little different. It’s a tequila fruit punch that’s sweet, tasty, and strong — the signature drink and namesake of my favorite local Mexican joint, Los Cantaritos. Here’s the recipe:

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Snacks On The Go! 18 Tackle Box Charcuterie Ideas! Tabs, Fri., May 5, 2023

Morning news roundup!

I feel like this is a song: FBI ageeeeeent tried to kill the poliiiiice. Maybe because my son is playing "That's Why the Lady Is a Tramp" in the other room. (NBC News)

Josh Marshall on the trajectory of the Clarence Thomas and his billionaire Hitler-memorabilia-collecting benefactor friend revelations: Why yes, they do seem rather bad! (Talking Points Memo share link)

The DOJ is pointing out the bugfuck that is happening because the Right keeps suing in these two particular jurisdictions so they can get these two particular bugfuck rightwing hack judges. Will it work? For public opinion in stacking the Court maybe. I don't see relief from SCOTUS, but TPM thinks maybe Justice Neil Gorsuch is up for grabs. — TPM

I don't know which of the myriad paragraphs in this story I should blockquote at you: the nurses calling legal multiple times in one shift after never having spoken to legal in the previous 10 years; the hospital, the largest employer in the state, that can't fill an OB-GYN slot after a year of advertising the position; the female legislators saying their own daughters should leave the state. I think this one.

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Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, The Porn Star Martini!

Shake it until you make it.

Greetings, Wonketeers! I’m Hooper, your bartender, and my oh my, what a week it’s been! I decided early on that it was time to try something new for this week’s cocktail — something tart, and sweet, and exotic. Let’s explore something off the beaten path and make a Porn Star Martini. Here’s the recipe.

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