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What? Fox's 'Chicago' (Naperville) Diner Segment Was A Set Up?

They really just can't stop themselves from lying about Chicago.

Last week, Fox and Friends sent reporter Gianno Caldwell to a totally random Chicago diner to see how some totally random customers there were feeling about the recently inaugurated Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Except it wasn't a Chicago diner, it was a Naperville diner an hour outside of the City of Chicago. I am but a transplant here, but one thing I can tell you is that Chicagoans are very particular about who gets to say they are from Chicago and it is not people who live in the Chicago suburbs. It's not like Massachusetts where everyone in Massachusetts and sometimes the surrounding states just says they're from Boston when talking to people outside of New England.

This time, however, the outrage was totally valid, because Naperville is literally an hour away. They had to go an hour outside of the city of Chicago to find a diner where they could talk to people, despite the fact that the city of Chicago is in fact replete with diners.

By sheer coincidence, Gianno Caldwell found some diners from actual Chicago!

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Wonkette Movie Night: My Man Godfrey

'Prosperity is just around the corner.' ' Yeah, it's been there a long time. I wish I knew which corner.'

Hi Movie Night fans!

Tonight we are watching My Man Godfrey from 1936. Starring Carole Lombard and William Powell, directed by Gregory La Cava. It was the first movie to be nominated in all four Academy Award acting categories(the first year supporting roles were included) and not be nominated for Best Picture.

Available for free w/ads on YouTube(colorized), Tubi, Pluto TV, Sling TV, The Roku Channel(colorized), Prime(colorized) and The Internet Archives.

Got your popcorn? Enjoy!

Movie info can always be found here.


Happy Cher's Birthday To All Who Celebrate!


Today is Cher's 77th birthday, and if you spend any time around here on the weekends, you have probably picked up on the fact that I LOVE HER. Like I have seen Moonstruck 47,000 times and currently have Burlesque on in the background as I am typing this. You know that X-Files episode where a bunch of townsfolk are scared of a Frankenstein-type guy with two faces and it turns out he's a super nice fella who is super into Cher, and then Mulder and Scully take them all to a Cher concert? I cry everytime, because of how very relatable it is.

So, instead of writing an actual article for our end-of-the-day post, I am just going to post some good Cher videos.

Here is the time she played all of the parts in West Side Story, which is a fun game that we all played as children, except for how sometimes it was also Gypsy.

Cher - West Side Story (Official Video)

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Disney Turns Its Billion Dollar Florida Investment Back Into This Pumpkin

Bibbidy bobbidy BOO.

In March of 2023, the Walt Disney Company and Florida's bigoted governor managed to make the Rule Against Perpetuities trend on Twitter. For one shining moment, lawyers could trot out this relic of property law arcana to explain how Mickey Mouse had just spanked Ron DeSantis via a contract tied to the grandchildren of Britannia's newly coronated king. It was a glorious time!

It seems impossible to top that insanity, although Governor Ron DeSantis is laboring under the delusion that he can win the 2024 Republican presidential primary by finding ways to be even more odious than Donald Trump, so ... who knows? But, this week there were two funny developments in the ongoing fucktussle between DeSantis and The Mouse.

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