Right Wing Extremism

Trump, DeSantis Commemorate Memorial Day With Fascist Vow To Exterminate Their Enemies

It brings a tear to your eye.

Donald Trump has shown his ass on Memorial Day for years now. You'll recall his 2015 message: "I would like to wish everyone, including all haters and losers (of which, sadly, there are many) a truly happy and enjoyable Memorial Day!"

The one-term loser spent Memorial Day weekend 2020, when almost 100,000 Americans had died from COVID-19, tweeting gross sexist bile about Nancy Pelosi and Stacey Abrams. This year, he was his usual, petty unhinged self. He dropped this load on his Truth Social site:

"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL," it begins because Trump fundamentally doesn't understand this holiday. The entire rant's in all-caps, but I'll spare your eyes:

But especially to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country they love, and to those in line of a very different, but equally dangerous fire, stopping the threats of the terrorists, misfits and lunatic thugs who are working feverishly from within to overturn and destroy our once great country, which has never been in greater peril than it is right now. We must stop the communists, Marxists and fascist ‘pigs’ at every turn and, Make America Great Again!

This seems far less stable than what Jordan Neely reportedly said that scared passengers on a New York subway. Yet, an overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters are ready to give Trump the nuclear codes ... again.

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Right Wing Extremism

GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman Knows Who Biden Oppressing, It Is White Man Judges Who Make Sex To Women

It is probably very rude to just hurl around terms like 'white supremacist,' but hurl we must.

Glenn Grothman, he is one of those white people in Congress. He is a Republican. Those are his primary characteristics. He is from the Sheboygan area of Wisconsin, so when he says white supremacist things, we imagine he says them with cheese on his breath.

He's shown up on Wonkette throughout the years.

When he was a state senator, he pushed a bill to make sure everybody understands how much single parents contribute to child abuse. He once told Alan Colmes that he thought women who said their pregnancies were "unintended" were only saying that because they'd been trained to.

Once he became a US congressman, he raged at the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, because wasn't the 14th Amendment passed by Christian civil war heroes, to advance the Christian lifestyle?

He was siding with Russia against Ukraine way back in 2019, when today's war was a mere twinkle in Vlad Putin's peenhole. He sides with Putin's peenhole twinkles quite a bit, actually.

He's the dumbass who said DC can't be a state, at least in part, because there's nothing to milk in DC. (Also nothing to mine, manufacture or grow. That's what makes a state, according to the rules Glenn Grothman made up that day.)

He thinks nobody cares about January 6 — the terrorist attack Donald Trump incited against America to overthrow the government and steal the 2020 election — except reporters.

Then there's his racist shit, like when he furiously opined about all these white people shoving Black Kwanzaa down his throat. In March, he was one of just 26 House Republicans who couldn't bring themselves to denounce white supremacy and say that the Great Replacement conspiracy theory — the one that inspires all the white supremacist mass shootings — is bad.

Well breaking news, but Glenn Grothman has said some more racist shit.

He got real pissy on the House floor yesterday because Joe Biden won't even nominate any white man judges who like to put their man wangers inside a woman's no-no. Why won't Biden nominate those? You know, just good old white people, the type who are men, with traditional Christian penises, who like to stick them in traditional Christian vaginas? Why does Joe Biden hate white people?

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Cool TN Lady Gonna Fill The Social Studies Standards With Awesome Stuff Like 'Barack Obama Did The Tornados'

Of course we've met her before, your Wonkette's on top of shit!

The Education Wars just never go away, and in today's dispatch from the front lines we'll look at Tennessee, where a rightwing conspiracy theory fan and anti-Muslim bigot has just been appointed to the committee that sets standards for the state's social studies curricula.

Yr Wonkette already introduced you last year to Laurie Cardoza-Moore, the nutball Tennessee bigot lady, when she was a member of the state textbook commission that was tasked with making sure only "age appropriate" materials were in them. You may recall that Tennessee was considering a measure that would have required state approval of every last item in the collections of school libraries; the bill's sponsor charmingly said that any materials not approved by the commission should be burned. Ultimately, the Lege settled for a different plan that gave the textbook commission the power to hear appeals of book challenges brought by parents, so the state could ban library books even after a local school board had gone through a challenge process and approved them. Hooray for compromise.

We guess that Ms. Cardoza-Moore must have either done a bang-up job on that commission, or at the very least that she has powerful friends in Tennessee, because clearly it's the latter thing. She was chosen for the Tennessee Standards Recommendation Committee by Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R), the slimebooger we came to know and loathe during the kangaroo court proceedings that expelled Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson in April. Sexton also appointed her to the textbook commission in 2021, which is quite the coincidence.

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