2020 presidential election

Loser Trump Giving Up On Michigan Because He’s A Loser

Campaign will redirect energies to new swing state, Texas.

It looks like the Wolverine Queen herself, Ms. Gretchen Whitmer, will have the last laugh over Donald Trump, who targeted the Michigan governor during the COVID-19 pandemic. While other governors hastily reopened their states and saw their approval ratings drop as coronavirus cases rose, Whitmer's COVID-19 approval rating has grown from 62 percent in late April to 69 percent in late June. She gambled, apparently successfully, that her constituents would prefer to stay alive. Meanwhile, recent polling shows that just 45 percent of Michigan voters approve of Trump's COVID-19 response (granted, this was before the president expressed his support for the demon sex doctor).

The numbers are bleak for Trump in Michigan, a state he narrowly won — like by .3 percent — in 2016 thanks to Russia and Jill Stein, who is kinda still Russia. He's facing a head-to-head matchup against Joe Biden in November, and he hasn't led a Michigan poll since mid-February when Biden was getting spanked in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Biden has a polling average lead of almost nine points, more than double Hillary Clinton's, which was well within a margin of error and a James Comey push down the stairs.

Michigan is slipping through Trump's spoiled baby fingers.

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Guy Posing With Goya Beans Somehow Losing To Joe Biden By Double Digits, Huh

Trump-spanking polls are giving us life!

A new NBC/Wall Street Journalpoll shows former Vice President Joe Biden expanding his lead over President Pandemic. With just three and a half months remaining for more people to die from Donald Trump's bungling, 51 percent of voters said they would vote for Biden, who speaks in sentences. Forty percent of voters are still ride or die with Trump, but they also are more likely to not wear masks and attend COVID-19 parties so they're really leaning into the “die" part, which could impact turnout.

Trump's job approval has sunk to 42 percent, a low not seen since April 2018, just prior to the Blue Wave that helped congressional Republicans “Find Something New." A majority of voters — 54 percent — still prefer Trump on the economy, but that's not their number one priority. Voters are most concerned about COVID-19 and Trump has nothing to offer but tax cuts,Confederate statue preservation, and suggestions for bleaching away the virus.

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Let’s Watch Kamala Harris Slap John Cornyn Upside The Head For Five Minutes

Senate Democrats block Republicans’ BS police ‘reform’ bill.

Senate Republicans offered a piddly-ass bill that gently, but not too strongly, encouraged police departments to “revise their practices," which in a total coincidence keep resulting in dead Black folks. The police have proven no more capable of voluntarily reforming themselves than Keith Richards in the 1970s, so Senate Democrats blocked the bill today. Republicans are aghast: “But we thought you wanted meaningless reform that changes nothing but will make us look slightly less racist during an election year?"

The gentlewoman from California wasn't having it. Kamala Harris said the Senate can't pass a “police reform bill" that doesn't reasonably address the concerns of Black people, who the police are killing ... a lot. If Kamala's a cop, this was some hardcore “cop-on-cop" crime.

Kamala Harris schools John Cornyn on police reformwww.youtube.com

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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Charges Derek Chauvin With Second Degree Murder Because He’s A Murderer

Ellison also charging the punk ass cops who watched Chauvin kill George Floyd.

When now-former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin brutally killed George Floyd on a city street, three other cops stood and watched, which is just bad policing because they're supposed to stop crimes, of which murder is one. It was also bad human-ing. Random citizens screamed for Chauvin to stop, to remove his knee from Floyd's neck as he cried out in delirious agony, and they weren't even in the so-called “protect and serve" business. The cops were, and they did nothing. This wasn't a complicated Trolley Problem. Their inaction was criminal.

Fortunately, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is treating these criminals in blue like criminals who should wear stripes. According to law enforcement sources, Ellison plans to charge the three other officers at the scene — Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane — with aiding and abetting murder, and it's no longer the remedial murder Chauvin was charged with last Friday. He's elevating that shit from third-degree murder and manslaughter to second-degree murder. The big difference between third and second degree murder — aside from potentially 15 more years in prison — is that second degree murder is intentional. That is the correct choice because even Stevie Wonder can see that Chauvin intended to kill Floyd, who was completely at his mercy. They weren't in a slap fight like on Dynasty and Floyd hit his head on a coffee table.

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