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Kevin McCarthy Suddenly Takes Bold Stand For Ukraine, Wonder What He's Not Scared Of Anymore

It is a mystery wrapped in a conundrum that probably rhymes with Fucker.

The oddest little thing seems to have happened to Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, at least for the moment. He seems to know what side he's supposed to be on in regards to Ukraine and Russia.


But listen, for real, though. He was in Jerusalem, and that empty cavity dead-air tumbleweed-brained pretty boy actually stood up to a Russian reporter.

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New Years Eve

GFY! In 2022, Tucker Blazed New Trails For Putin's Propaganda And Incited New Levels Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Hatred

And racism and COVID vaccine lies and defending the January 6 terrorists and and and!

REMEMBER WHEN! We will be spending much of the day throwing at your face some of our favorite old Tucker Carlson posts, or at least the ones Evan linked to yesterday, because that is a nice cheat sheet to start with. This post has one million posts INSIDE IT, because it was our New Year's Eve in Tucker for 2022.

Tucker Carlson has always been actual dogshit, one of the worst Americans ever to live. But this year he outdid himself.

Tucker's real dad Vladimir Putin commenced a genocidal war against innocent people early in 2022, a war that's still going on, and that's given Tuck nightly opportunities to demonstrate just how much he's not on our side. And by "our," we mean real Americans, people who actually love this country for what it is and what it could be, as opposed to loving it specifically for the moments when it's been at its worst.

Just last week, Tucker took the opportunity of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a hero to all good and decent people, being on American soil to blood libel the guy.

But Tucker's been shilling against Ukraine and for Putin since the beginning of the war and before. We knew from the beginning that Tucker was on Putin's side, that he supported the genocidal invaders, because he told us so. And he's gotten so angry when people have pointed that out, by quoting him verbatim and showing videos of him saying it.

He has spread every disgusting piece of Kremlin propaganda he could, and for that he's been rewarded with heavy fawning on Russian state-run media.

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fox news

Tucker Just Saying Trans People Going To GET ALL THE GUNS AND MURDER YOU

Also had a fun idea for giving trans folks F-35s and tanks. We say why not?

REMEMBER WHEN! We will be spending much of the day throwing at your face some of our favorite old Tucker Carlson posts, or at least the ones Evan linked to yesterday, because that is a nice cheat sheet to start with. This post was originally published March 24, 2023.

Tucker Carlson wanted to talk about guns last night. Tucker has well-known masculinity issues and feels very threatened by LGBTQ+ people.

Mix those together in a bucket, why dontcha! And Tucker did. Good LORD.

His monologue was about how "The Democratic Party believes owning a gun is too much autonomy for you." (LOL.)

He sprinkled in other shit too, of course. He said people who support Ukraine are just conformists who think they specialize in "Eastern European border disputes." (By the way, that was the eighth sentence of his monologue. That's how long it took him to lick Vladimir Putin's taint and spread Russian propaganda in a monologue that wasn't even about Russia and Ukraine. He got back to Ukraine at the end. Handy bookends! Wonder if that's by design.)

And of course he claimed early and often that Democrats want to take your guns, just because they'd like to maybe ban the AR-15s that every white mass shooter seems to be able to get out of a vending machine. Gotta keep the white supremacist viewers scared!

But then it took a turn. A real weird turn.

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Love To Watch RFK Jr. Tell Tucker Russian Propaganda Tucker Told RFK Jr. Literally Last Week

It's like when Dick Cheney cited the New York Times as proof of the thing he leaked to the New York Times.

What can we say about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running for president? Nobody cares about that demented weirdo, starting with the Kennedy family, which is still obviously ridin' with Biden.

But we guess he did his official "campaign announcement" yesterday (LOL), and like all Democrats do at the beginning of their campaigns, he went to see Tucker Carlson last night. Tucker: He's the real new Iowa caucus.

What? You didn't go see David Duke's hottest pinup boy when you announced your Democratic presidential campaign? Well guess who we're not calling PRESIDENT YOU right now.

NOPE! Seems Like The Kennedys Would Support Zombie Little Edie For President Over RFK Jr.

PINUP! David Duke Thanks Tucker Carlson For Spreading 'Great Replacement' Lie, Asks For More Antisemitism

Tucker licked all over Kennedy like Kennedy was hiding a Snausage in his hand, but we shouldn't take that as anything besides trolling. Tucker licked all over Donald Trump the other night, and according to Tucker's own mouth, he hates that guy "passionately."

“Bobby Kennedy is one of the most remarkable people we have met," jizzed Tucker, as if the younger deserves to be called by the moniker his father was known by, as if anybody in America sees that guy and is like "God bless us, everyone, Camelot has returned!"

MORE! It's Traitor Time TV Hour, With Trump And Tucker!

HATES HIM! Tucker Hates Trump 'Passionately.' Trump May Not Have Heard That News Yet.

Tucker gushed and gushed, and he bitched and moaned that Kennedy is being treated unfairly and "censored." He angrily played clips of people in the media calling Kennedy a bugfuck anti-vaxxer, just because of how he is a bugfuck anti-vaxxer. He called Kennedy "Joe Biden's leading primary opponent," as if those words currently have any meaning.

We know one thing Tucker was excited about, and it was that when Kennedy announced his campaign, he babbled out Russian propaganda like he was spitting after gargling it directly from Putin's medicine cabinet. It was the first clip Tucker played of Kennedy's speech. He said he thinks Joe Biden's interest in Ukraine is in "prolonging the war." He called it "The Ukraine" over and over and over again. (Nobody with any credibility calls it "The Ukraine." You know why?) He suggested Biden's real goal is "regime change" in Russia. Hey, know who else gargles from the same bottle of mouthwash?

When interview time came, it was Russia time again.

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