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Debt Ceiling Update: Joe Biden Still Not Negotiating With MAGA Terrorists

Kevin McCarthy can grow a spine and stand up to the extremists.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote House Speaker Kevin McCarthy a very polite “Dear Jerkwad” letter Monday reminding him that the US will default on its debt “by early June, and potentially as early as June 1” (a lousy way to celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s birthday).

Yellen made this prediction based on what the government shook down from folks in April and the way it's currently spending money. However, she can't pinpoint the precise moment when the nation's economy goes belly up.

"It is impossible to predict with certainty the exact date when Treasury will be unable to pay the government's bills, and I will continue to update Congress in the coming weeks as more information becomes available," she wrote. "Given the current projections, it is imperative that Congress act as soon as possible to increase or suspend the debt limit in a way that provides longer-term certainty that the government will continue to make its payments."

McCarthy, of course, insists that “no clean debt ceiling” increase would pass the MAGA-run House. Monday, he whined that President Joe Biden had “refused to do his job” because he wouldn’t give in to his demands. But Biden ain't blinking. He insists on a clean debt ceiling increase that will pay the bills Donald Trump racked up.

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Biden Refuses To Listen To Helpful New York Times, K​eeps Kamala Harris On Ticket

What a big jerk.

If you watched the video announcing Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign (we will give you the opportunity in a moment), you may have noticed something a little bit unusual: Vice President Kamala Harris is shown again and again (I counted at least 15 times and probably missed a couple jump cuts) in the video clips and still shots, usually with Biden or in group shots, but sometimes by herself. The video also includes quite a few solo images of First Lady Jill Biden, and one brief image of Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. Do more of those; they're a cute couple!

Harris's frequent appearances in the video are no coincidence, as NBC News reports, since the Biden campaign is actively seeking to increase Harris's profile as the campaign gets rolling. That's partly to overcome the inevitable curse of vice presidential invisibility — FDR's first veep John Nance Garner infamously said the office was "not worth a bucket of warm piss" — but also as part of a conscious strategy to call attention to her "role in the administration" and to push back on GOP efforts (helped along by the New York Times) to "turn her into a liability." And of course, making sure Harris is seen frequently in a positive light, it's hoped, may help reassure voters that the Age Thing (Joe Biden, it turns out, is fairly old!) isn't anything to panic about.

The NBC News piece notes that Harris's many appearances in the video mark a big contrast from Barack Obama's video announcing his 2012 reelection bid, which didn't mention or show Biden at all, not that Joe minded since it gave him more time to hang out on the White House roof listening to classic rock, grilling some steaks, and sharing a few brews with friends. It would appear that the 2024 campaign decided not to try to persuade The Onion to depict Harris as a loveable stoner doofus.

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Joe Biden Gonna Beat The Fascists With One Hand While Eating An Ice Cream Cone In The Other

MAGA is already running scared.

President Joe Biden is running for re-election — thank God! — and he's already dropped his first official, barn-raising campaign ad, which will air in 15 different TV markets in six key states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Here's how the "Meet the Press" Twitter account, with its Chuck fully up its Todd, described the spot: "President Biden’s re-election campaign is doubling down on its opening message warning that Americans’ freedoms are under attack by so-called 'MAGA Republicans' with its first TV ad of the 2024 race."

"Doubling down" technically means strengthening your commitment to a strategy that is either risky or misguided. But Americans’ freedoms are still under attack by an unhinged authoritarian movement posing as a political party. This is like saying FDR was “doubling down” on his "Stop Hitler" message. Also, Biden launched his re-election campaign on Tuesday. I’m glad he’s sticking with his opening message a full day later. I prefer presidents who aren’t fickle: "Did I say MAGA was an existential threat? Well, I slept on it, and I think they’re more a mild annoyance. Carry on."

Let's watch the ad:

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House Speaker McCarthy Ready To BURN IT ALL DOWN

House Republicans: Why so serious?

Hope you haven't grown too attached to a functioning US economy, because House Republicans are about to drive it off a cliff, while Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene hold hands and gaze lovingly at each other.

This is somehow President Joe Biden's fault, as the Washington Postsuggested last week in its article, "Biden is running out of time to avoid calamitous debt ceiling outcomes." The subhed does note that "The GOP’s willingness to court economic disaster without major spending cuts leaves White House aides in a bind," but that's like a Gotham Gazette headline blaring, "Commissioner Gordon running out of time to prevent Gothamites from dying with a smile" with a much smaller subhed reading, "Joker gleefully threatens to poison city's reservoir." See, what's actually relevant and newsworthy is that a pack of Jokers is running the House of Representatives.

The Joker is at least honest about how he's only in this to hurt people. Republicans claim they want massive spending cuts and significant policy concessions such as repealing most of the Inflation Reduction Act because blah, blah, blah fiscal responsibility, but defaulting on the debt would have disastrous consequences: People on Social Security would get stiffed; federal employees would stop getting paid; the post office, the Transportation Security Administration, US Customs, and the Federal Aviation Administration would stop functioning without some sort of emergency stop gap. Stocks would crash. Businesses would stop hiring. Republicans would presumably laugh maniacally.

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