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Fox News Being Insufficiently Nazi To Trans Employees And Idiot Losers Are ON IT

An intrepid right-wing 'journalist' found the employee handbook Fox News wasn't actually hiding.

BREAKING: Fox News is a wokegender pronoun groomer that's nice to trans people, and you should pour it out like Bud Light!

At least that's what the usual suspects are telling us.

Oh for fuck's sake. What is happening here?

What is happening is that Fox News is a real company in a real city, which means its employee handbook provides for all kinds of kindness and care toward transgender folks who work there. This is similar to how no matter what it preached on-air about COVID vaccines and mandates, its own policies were strict and science-y on the topic. (And we all know Fox Newspreaches some extremely vile shit about trans people on-air.)

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Republicans Are The Lannisters Of American Politics

It's your very 'Game Of Thrones' Sunday show rundown.

The HBO series "Game Of Thrones" dominated television until it ended with mixed feelings in 2019. Despite the sword and sorcery elements, the series managed to engage a wide audience through its political intrigue as the ruling houses schemed to win everything.

One of those houses, the Lannisters, was rich, incestuous and ruthless — similar to the Republican Party except Republicans have few if any of the Lannisters' positive traits.

The Lannisters, Unlike The Republicans, "Always Pay Their Debts"

The Lannisters' unofficial motto of "A Lannister always pay his debts" is a fine financial position but also a warning to enemies that they will always settle the score. While Republicans certainly settle their political scores, keeping a promise for repayment is more tenuous, which Republican Rep. Byron Donalds from Florida demonstrated on NBC's "Meet The Press."

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What? Fox's 'Chicago' (Naperville) Diner Segment Was A Set Up?

They really just can't stop themselves from lying about Chicago.

Last week, Fox and Friends sent reporter Gianno Caldwell to a totally random Chicago diner to see how some totally random customers there were feeling about the recently inaugurated Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Except it wasn't a Chicago diner, it was a Naperville diner an hour outside of the City of Chicago. I am but a transplant here, but one thing I can tell you is that Chicagoans are very particular about who gets to say they are from Chicago and it is not people who live in the Chicago suburbs. It's not like Massachusetts where everyone in Massachusetts and sometimes the surrounding states just says they're from Boston when talking to people outside of New England.

This time, however, the outrage was totally valid, because Naperville is literally an hour away. They had to go an hour outside of the city of Chicago to find a diner where they could talk to people, despite the fact that the city of Chicago is in fact replete with diners.

By sheer coincidence, Gianno Caldwell found some diners from actual Chicago!

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Secretary Mayor Pete Loves God And Beer And His Electric Mustang And Fox News Is ... Mad About That?

We guess?

There is a lovely interview with Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of Transportation, in Wired right now. The headline says that Pete "Love God, Beer and his Electric Mustang."

And we guess that bothered whatever white supremacist incels (we are just guessing) are working the chyrons at Fox News these days.

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