Texas Is Imagineering Abortion 'Complications' To Back Up Its Lies About Abortion

Surely no one will notice, except for everyone who already has.

One of the very annoying things about abortion, for people who are against abortion, is that abortions are very safe and people almost never regret them. In fact, studies have shown that five years after an abortion, nearly everyone who has one says it was the right decision for them.

In a perfect world, for them, those who had them would suffer lifelong health complications and severe depression and regret. That way, they could claim that actually the most "pro-woman" thing they could do would be to take our reproductive choices away and force us to bear children whether we want to or not.

Texas, however, is doing the next best thing. As reported by Jessica Valenti's Abortion, Every Day Substack newsletter, the state now requires doctors to report basically any issue experienced by anyone who has had an abortion at any point in their life as a "complication" of that abortion. Texas law lists 28 medical issues as possible complications of abortion, many of which have no actual known direct link to abortion.

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Can We Talk About This 'Abortion Up Until The Moment Of Birth' Nonsense?

There's a lot that even abortion rights supporters aren't getting here.

Republicans have started to realize that their radical anti-abortion policies are not exactly overwhelmingly popular with the general public, even in the reddest of states. Thus, many of them are now trying to paint Democrats as the extremists, claiming that if abortion rights supporters have their way, people will be having abortions "right up until the moment of birth."

In debates and discussions, they've been leaning hard on this, because they think it is the ultimate gotcha question. If they can get the abortion rights supporter to "admit" that it is bad to kill viable fetuses the day before the mother goes into labor, they can then call out those who oppose restrictions as especially radical and then work backwards to justify restricting abortion in other ways. If the supporter stumbles, tries to explain that what they are thinking happens doesn't actually happen, or tries to justify it in the usual ways we explain why abortion is necessary, they do the "Then why can't it be illegal?" or "See! It's clear that you just love human sacrifice!" shuffle.

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The Flat Circle Of Republican Stupidity

It's your never-ending Sunday show rundown!

Republicans long for a past that never was, and this inevitably leads them to sound like idiots as they twist themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize their calls for societal regression. Need examples? Let's look at some in the Sunday shows!

We're Not Book Burning, You're the Book Burning!

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel was on "Fox News Sunday," and while discussing the party's post 2022 debrief report, she said a few things that were surprisingly truthful.

MCDANIEL: [...] biggest takeaway we are taking is independents did not break our way, which has to happen if we're going to win in 2024, which usually that's what causes that red wave. And abortion was a big issue in key states like Michigan and Pennsylvanian. [...] Republicans are migrating. They are migrating to red states. [...] But it means the White House electorally isn't available to us unless we go through a purple or blue state. And those states are getting bluer, because red voters are moving to the red states. [...] the path to the White House runs not just through independents, but every single Republican getting on board.

It's pretty shocking to hear anyone in the RNC, much less its chairperson, point out an objective reality. So what different actions or rhetoric do they plan to use to better their chances in 2024? Like, for example, abortion:

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Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Can't Even Pass Bans In Their Own Republican-Controlled Legislatures

Abortion bans failed this week in both Nebraska and South Carolina.

Anti-abortion Republican legislators in both Nebraska and South Carolina, two of the reddest states in the country, tried and failed to pass incredibly restrictive anti-abortion laws this week in their own legislatures. It's one thing, these days, for these laws to fail miserably when voted on by the people in a referendum — as has been the case every time abortion has been on the ballot — but to have them fail in Republican-controlled legislatures is a pretty big deal. Even if they only fail by one vote.

South Carolina currently bans abortion after 20 weeks. The state already passed a six-week ban last year, but it is currently being blocked by the state's supreme court on the grounds that it violates the right to privacy in the state's constitution. Still, some Republicans were hoping for a chance to pass something even more extreme than that. They wanted to pass the Human Life Protection Act, which would have banned abortion entirely, from conception, with exceptions for rape, life and health of the mother, and fatal fetal anomalies.

The Senate, however, rejected the bill in a 22-21 vote, with three Republicans switching sides to vote against it.

“Once a woman became pregnant for any reason, she would now become property of the state of South Carolina if the ‘Human Life Protection Act’ were [to] come into law,” Republican state Sen. Katrina Frye Shealy, who voted against the bill, said Wednesday during debate. “She could no longer make decisions on her own or at the advice of her well-trained doctor. Every female, regardless of her age, would suddenly become subject to the power of a code book regarding her health.”

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