The Flat Circle Of Republican Stupidity

It's your never-ending Sunday show rundown!

Republicans long for a past that never was, and this inevitably leads them to sound like idiots as they twist themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize their calls for societal regression. Need examples? Let's look at some in the Sunday shows!

We're Not Book Burning, You're the Book Burning!

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel was on "Fox News Sunday," and while discussing the party's post 2022 debrief report, she said a few things that were surprisingly truthful.

MCDANIEL: [...] biggest takeaway we are taking is independents did not break our way, which has to happen if we're going to win in 2024, which usually that's what causes that red wave. And abortion was a big issue in key states like Michigan and Pennsylvanian. [...] Republicans are migrating. They are migrating to red states. [...] But it means the White House electorally isn't available to us unless we go through a purple or blue state. And those states are getting bluer, because red voters are moving to the red states. [...] the path to the White House runs not just through independents, but every single Republican getting on board.

It's pretty shocking to hear anyone in the RNC, much less its chairperson, point out an objective reality. So what different actions or rhetoric do they plan to use to better their chances in 2024? Like, for example, abortion:

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kamala harris

Biden Refuses To Listen To Helpful New York Times, K​eeps Kamala Harris On Ticket

What a big jerk.

If you watched the video announcing Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign (we will give you the opportunity in a moment), you may have noticed something a little bit unusual: Vice President Kamala Harris is shown again and again (I counted at least 15 times and probably missed a couple jump cuts) in the video clips and still shots, usually with Biden or in group shots, but sometimes by herself. The video also includes quite a few solo images of First Lady Jill Biden, and one brief image of Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. Do more of those; they're a cute couple!


Harris's frequent appearances in the video are no coincidence, as NBC News reports, since the Biden campaign is actively seeking to increase Harris's profile as the campaign gets rolling. That's partly to overcome the inevitable curse of vice presidential invisibility — FDR's first veep John Nance Garner infamously said the office was "not worth a bucket of warm piss" — but also as part of a conscious strategy to call attention to her "role in the administration" and to push back on GOP efforts (helped along by the New York Times) to "turn her into a liability." And of course, making sure Harris is seen frequently in a positive light, it's hoped, may help reassure voters that the Age Thing (Joe Biden, it turns out, is fairly old!) isn't anything to panic about.

The NBC News piece notes that Harris's many appearances in the video mark a big contrast from Barack Obama's video announcing his 2012 reelection bid, which didn't mention or show Biden at all, not that Joe minded since it gave him more time to hang out on the White House roof listening to classic rock, grilling some steaks, and sharing a few brews with friends. It would appear that the 2024 campaign decided not to try to persuade The Onion to depict Harris as a loveable stoner doofus.

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Abortion Clerical Errors

It's your very 'Pro-Life' Sunday show rundown

Republicans are in a weird state of flux and mostly can't agree on a cohesive message. Can we say "Republicans in disarray!" or "Conservatives in chaos"? Not quite yet, but they're all over the place. Let's dive in.

Schrödinger's Abortion Ban

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana was on NBC's "Meet The Press" this week, where host Chuck Todd asked him about the Texas federal judge unilaterally deciding that he can undo the FDA's ability to determine drug safety.

Cassidy, who is also the top Republican on the Senate Health and Education Committee, was asked about why if he agreed with the decision on mifepristone, he didn't join Republican senators on the supporting brief. Cassidy tried to appear normal but failed.

CASSIDY: I mean, I'm not quite sure what you're asking there. I mean, I can sign on briefs all day. I'm not sure that has any great importance.[...] That particular ruling seems to be going through —it was on a process-oriented thing. Among the reasons that they ruled that way, I'm told, is that the FDA did not follow correctly the Administrative Procedures Act. Now, that's a question of fact. It can be resolved by the courts. It's actively being resolved.[...]

Funny that for the 20-plus years mifepristone has been FDA approved, only NOW we discover they made a clerical error and only after the Dobbs decision.


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Hey Wisconsin People! You're Voting Today, Right? RIGHT?

Did you vote already? Good on you!

Not that there's much of a chance that anyone in Wisconsin has let it slip their minds, but today is Election Day, and the outcome of today's election for an open seat on the state supreme court will — no hyperbole here — be absolutely vital for voting and abortion rights and everything else about having a functional democracy going forward. The election is nominally nonpartisan, but everyone knows who's on what team.

Here, enjoy this brief explainer on why the election matters, a "TED Talk for Toddlers" that was twote by Julia Louis-Dreyfus yesterday:

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