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Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges, Can She Come Home Now?


Here's a small detail that may help illustrate why Russia's detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner is about far more than basketball or the cannabis charges to which she pleaded guilty today. The Reuters story reporting on her guilty plea comes with a disclaimer reading, "This content was produced in Russia where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine." So there's some context for why Griner's trial this week is rather a big deal, internationally.

Griner, a two-time Olympic medalist and star center for the Phoenix Mercury, was arrested at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport in late February as she tried to return to the US, just days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In May, the US State Department said it considers Griner to have been "wrongly detained," and the US government has been working to get her released. She could face up to 10 years in prison.

As Yr Wonkette noted in May, Russian prisons are terrible for Russians, and probably would be even far more dangerous for Griner, who's Black and gay. The Putin regime has made oppression of gay Russians a priority in its attempts to pander to Putin's nationalist base, and it's worked so great that many Republicans in the US wish they could make America Russia themselves.

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Kamala Harris Keeps Beating Ron DeSantis In Polls. Why Don't We Hear More About That?

It's a mystery!

While we keep hearing a lot about how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is supposed to be the anointed GOP candidate in 2024 if Donald Trump doesn't run, or is (ahem) otherwise occupied, like if he's throwing trays of prison food at the walls (don't get your hopes up), we aren't yet seeing much speculation about the Democratic ticket. That's mostly because it seems pretty likely Joe Biden will run for reelection. But if he chooses not to, polling has already pretty consistently shown Vice President Kamala Harris doing especially well against DeSantis. A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll even shows her running about even with Trump, with both Harris and Trump getting 41 percent.

Yes, this is where we remind you that, four months before this year's midterms, it seems pretty daft to be talking about polling for the 2024 presidential race, and any numbers out there represent vague impressions, not an outline for what's coming. Heck, by the time the 2024 primaries are supposed to start, America may already be under martial law after Canadian peacekeepers march in to save us from ourselves.

Again, don't get your hopes up.

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January 6

Mike Pence: The Most Reluctant Of Heroes

This fuckin' guy.

We will never forgive Donald Trump for ... everything.

But one of those everythings is the way he made us feel grateful to otherwise reprehensible characters like Liz Cheney, Joe Walsh, and Rick Wilson. If we wanted to get in bed with Bill Kristol, we'd have become Republicans! But then Republicans lost their goddamn minds, and so we find ourselves saying things like "That George Conway makes a damn good point!" Or, today, "Thank goodness for Mike Pence!"

Mike Freakin' Pence!

Maggie Haberman got the scoop at the New York Times, as she is wont to do. Apparently, Pence's chief of staff Marc Short notified the Secret Service on January 5, 2021, that the vice president was in danger, and that the threat was coming direct from the Oval Office.

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kamala harris

Kamala Harris Shouting 'HOW DARE THEY!' Is Exactly What America Needs Right Now

The vice president spoke at Emily's List last night, and good golly it was powerful.

President Joe Biden may not always be the greatest at saying the word "abortion" out loud, but oh boy, Vice President Kamala Harris does not have that issue.

She was already scheduled to speak to Emily's List last night, but in light of this week's news, the address she gave took on added urgency.

If anybody is wondering what maybe the Biden administration ought to be doing when it comes to the midterms, the fight to preserve abortion access, or to help Americans get a true idea of who the vice president is — one that rises above the din of roaring racist bullshit people like Tucker Carlson are injecting into the discourse — we humbly suggest that letting Veep Harris walk on to national stages on a regular basis and shout "How DARE they!" would be a good start.

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