2022 congressional elections

Sunday Show Republicans Monday-Morning Quarterbacking Being LOSERS

We watch so you never have to!

Seems like after months of measuring office spaces and salivating over taking power, the GOP has snatched relative defeat from the jaws of historical victory. It's even more deliciously enjoyable because of Fox News's surprise that its propaganda couldn't just manifest into reality, thus leading to this great compilation of their "Red Wave" hype from the Washington Post:

With Democrats holding the Senate and possibly still keeping the House after the midterms, let's check the Sunday shows to see some reactions!

The 'Inspiring' Bill Cassidy

Over on NBC's "Meet The Press," GOP Senator Cassidy of Louisiana tried to distance himself and his party from the albatross they've been carrying for years: Donald Trump. In the nearly 10-minute segment of trashing Trump, Cassidy was asked about his party's leadership. He tried so hard to defend his party, by saying WE ARE NOT A CULT!

CHUCK TODD: I guess I ask this: If this is the result of these elections, but the Republican Party still has, sort of, the same leadership – at RNC, Ronna McDaniel, Kevin McCarthy of House Republicans, Mitch McConnell of Senate Republicans, and of course, Donald Trump is sort of the leader out there – if there's no change there, do you think that's a problem for Republicans going forward?

: First, we're not a cult.


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2022 midterms

Thank You, Gen Z!

The kids are more than okay. The kids are fucking amazing.

On Tuesday, as we were all hiding under our desks bracing for that promised red wave, voters under 30 were calmly filling in those little ovals down at the fire station and the local elementary school. They stood in line for hours, they got educated on the issues, and they cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Democrats. Exit polling by CNN and NBC has roughly two-thirds of voters under 30 voting blue — the most Democratic age cohort by far.

Call them Gen Z plus younger Millennials, call them your kids, call them new voters, just call them and say thank you for saving our asses. Or, actually, don't call them — they hate to talk on the phone. But send them a text and tell them you see and appreciate what they did on Tuesday.

Because those kids kicked Kevin McCarthy in the dick, depriving him of a mandate, even if he winds up with a single-digit majority in the House. And when Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto pulls ahead of that weenus Adam Laxalt this afternoon, ensuring that we hold the Senate no matter what happens in the Georgia runoff, it'll be thanks to them. In fact, without the kids, you're probably looking at a Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with a comfortable two- or three-seat margin, despite Donald Trump saddling the GOP with the absolute shittiest candidates ever.

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2022 midterms

Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This, But The Sonic In Rifle, Colorado, Has A Job Opening

No really, we looked, because we are a goddamned journalist.

As of right this moment as we type this, there is no declared winner in Colorado's Third Congressional District, but the normal and human and nice Democrat named Adam Frisch leads the opposite of all that, Lauren Boebert, by 64 votes. They probably won't call it, and it will go straight to a recount.

As a reminder, these were the candidates' closing messages:

Right. We are not ready to expend any energy on that, beyond to say that we hope Lauren Boebert gets the election result she deserves and that there is minimal interruption to her health insurance coverage.

We'll keep you posted.

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2022 midterms

Let's Enjoy Rick Scott's Incompetence One More Time Before The Midterms

It's Your Pre-Election Day Sunday Show Rundown!

Tomorrow is Election Day! Finally!

The ads will take a short break and we will either have a chance to make progress or hand power to a party that will spend the next two years plotting a do-over on their insurrection.

So with that, let's dive in!

Chuck Todd Did A Journalism?!

NBC's "Meet the Press" hosted GOP Senator Rick Scott, the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

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