Wingnuts Having A Good Old-Fashioned Satanic Panic About ... Target

Really, they are just such incredible dorks.

In 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, 25 men, women, and children were killed because a bunch of not-very-smart people thought that they were witches with magic powers. Nineteen were hanged. Four died in prison, and one was tortured to death. None of them actually did have magic powers, because magic powers are not a real thing. There are those who place some of the blame for this on hallucinations caused by faulty rye bread, but I tend to think it happened because it's just how some people are.

Children are taught this history lesson fairly early on as a warning, so that they know what not to do when they get older. They understand that none of the people killed were witches with magical powers and that the Salem townsfolk killed them because they believed stupid things and didn't mind their own business. Because, you see, it is one thing to believe stupid things. It is another to get in other people's faces about it. Or hang them because of it, as the case has often been.

Yet, judging by our own history, it's not a lesson many people have fully absorbed.

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Nebraska Votes To Be Crap Place For Trans Kids And Anyone Who Can Get Pregnant To Live

And yet, Republicans wanted it to be even worse

After weeks and weeks of heroic filibustering from Independent State Senator Megan Hunt and Democratic State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh and others, the Nebraska legislature voted on Friday to restrict abortion rights and healthcare for transgender youth.

Because the filibuster was going to make it difficult for Republicans to pass both the anti-abortion and the anti-trans bills, they decided to combine them into one terrible bill, L.B. 574, which passed by a 33-to-15 vote.

Granted, it's not as extreme as what they originally wanted to do. They wanted a six-week ban on abortion and settled for 12, with exceptions for rape, incest and medical emergencies. They wanted to ban all gender-affirming care and ended up only banning surgeries and allowing puberty blockers and hormones for patients who have a “long-lasting and intense pattern of gender nonconformity or gender dysphoria which began or worsened at the start of puberty” and have had an unspecified number of psychotherapy sessions.

Republicans are patting themselves on the back for this "compromise," but Democrats see it as just the first step towards making things even worse.

Via NYTimes:

“This has the potential to be a back door to a full ban,” said Senator John Fredrickson, a Democrat from Omaha who was among the lawmakers who filibustered for weeks in an effort to block the original transgender bill. “I don’t see this as a compromise in any way, shape or form.” ...

Senator George Dungan, a Democrat, called the bill discriminatory and predicted it would face legal challenges.
“We should not be in the business of telling people what they can and can’t do with their bodies,” he said during the final minutes of the debate that preceded the vote on Friday afternoon. “We should not be in the business of stepping between doctors and patients.” ...

Senator Machaela Cavanaugh, a Democrat who led efforts to filibuster to prevent Republicans from passing their original proposal, said those who opposed limits to abortion and transgender care would continue to fight through the courts and other means. She said that the hard-fought legislative session had galvanized activism in Nebraska.

“I think the only victory in this is that trans people, especially trans youth, are no longer invisible,” she said.

On Twitter, Sen. Megan Hunt wrote "We haven’t lost because we haven’t quit. Tomorrow is another day to fight with love, compassion, and the knowledge that we are righteous in the cause of justice." She also dragged a fellow senator for voting against abortion rights and healthcare for trans youth and having tickets to go see Lizzo afterwards.

Earlier this week, Hunt, whose son is transgender, called out one of her colleagues who complained that she had to miss her grandchild's preschool graduation because of the filibuster, telling the senator that she must hate "her son more than she loves her own family," or else she wouldn't be there. And she was correct.

It says something that the women are the hopeful ones here. I'd like to believe that with people like Sens. Cavanaugh and Hunt in the legislature, there is a decent chance that instead of making things worse, Nebraska will reverse course and make them better.

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Ron DeSantis Achieves New Dickishness Personal Worst

Signs a boatload of bad bills, is bad.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has had a busy week, signing several bills that will further encrappen the state and make life miserable for LGBTQ folks, all in the hope that he'll prove himself authoritarian enough to appeal to Republican primary voters next year. He's been traveling across America's Dangling Appendage signing bills restricting people's freedom while claiming that Florida is the home of freedom, as long as you're a rightwing evangelical. (We think we'll just stop at "evangelical" from here on, since adding "Christian" to it just makes baby Jesus sad.)

Monday, DeSantis went to New College of Florida in Sarasota, the nice little liberal arts school he's ruining to turn into a rightwing indoctrination center, to sign several bills aimed at purifying Florida colleges and universities of "wokeness." It was his way of twisting the knife a bit, to remind the Liberal Elites who's in charge. Your fascists love that kind of symbolic humiliation shit, like how a former German corporal insisted in 1940 that France surrender in the same railroad car where the 1919 Armistice was signed.

But sometimes the vanquished just won't cooperate and admit they've been crushed, darn them. As Yr Wonkette noted Saturday, the official graduation speaker for New College's commencement was Dr. Scott Atlas, Donald Trump's Infect Everyone and Let God Sort 'Em Out COVID adviser, which was supposed to be a sick burn on the libs. Instead of going along, New College students scheduled their own commencement for tonight, and civil rights attorney Maya Wiley will deliver the keynote speech. It's as if those libs don't even know they've been owned. Sad!

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You Got Your Abortion Bill In My Trans Ban!

Both these tastes taste like shit.

There was a hell of a lot of news just yesterday about the ongoing effort to make sure women, children, and some men too don't get any silly ideas about having bodily autonomy, so let's dig right in, with the reminder that the GOP's drive to ban abortion everywhere is hugely unpopular with everyone except the hardcore anti-abortion folks who now dominate the Gruesome Orc Party.

North Carolina: GOP Lege Overrides Veto, Passes 12-Week Ban

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