So Much Grifting, And Yet Trump Is Still Not Tired Of Grifting

How many scams are there today? So many scams.

Even after all the crazy shit we've been through, it's still amazing to contemplate that Donald Trump, the griftiest human being alive, was able to convince American voters that Hillary Clinton was using her charity, the Clinton Global Initiative, as a slush fund and thus we shouldn't elect her president. So instead of being governed by a competent woman, we're sentenced to a decade of documenting the 24/7 sleazefest from Trumpland. Thanks, Electoral College!

But lest this asshole take up all the oxygen in every news cycle, we're going to run down today's scams listicle style, for brevity and to limit the time the odor of rancid meat decaying in the Florida sun lingers in our collective nostrils.

The Hotel Grift

Yesterday the House Oversight Committee released hundreds of pages of documents illustrating that Trump made bank charging the Secret Service to stay in his trash palaces and guard his family, with the Secret Service routinely greenlighting rates three to five times the standard per diem. It's filthy, particularly when those stays were at the Trump Hotel in DC, which the sitting president was leasing from the US government.

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2022 midterms

Doug Mastriano Would Probably Lose PA Gov Race Even If He Weren't From New Jersey

But it probably won't help.

Is the Pennsylvania GOP part of the #Resistance? Are they trying to lose this election? And why do they keep stealing the weirdest dudes in New Jersey?

We've known for months about Dr. Mehmet Oz's New Jersey problem — by which we mean that he's from there and not Pennsylvania. But it turns out that Doug Mastriano, the GOP's gubernatorial candidate, also has deep roots in the Garden State, and was even registered to vote there up through 2021.

The New Jersey Globe examined the state's voter rolls and found that Mastriano cast his ballot in New Jersey from 1982 through 2010. When his mother died last year, his sample ballot was returned to the registrar with a note saying he'd moved to Pennsylvania, after which he was finally removed from the New Jersey voter list.

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justice department

Former DOJ Lawyer Geoffrey Berman Can't Stop Won't Stop Kicking Bill Barr In The D*ck

He should never stop.

Geoffrey Berman, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is on a one man mission to stick a shiv in Bill Barr's rehabilitation tour. Barr, the former attorney general, spent two long years ratfucking the Justice Department for a criminal lunatic, up to and including trying to Saturday Night Massacre SDNY to get Berman out and put in someone who'd be more amenable to White House political directives. So Berman is not about to let that low rent Fred Flintstone sumbitch pretend to be the voice of reason for simply pointing out over a year later that fomenting a coup is bad actually.

Yesterday that mission took Berman to Nicolle Wallace's set at MSNBC, where he told the "Deadline White House" host:

I think we should look at people prior to the November 2020 election, right? When Trump lost the election, I think a lot of people went through a personal calculus of their personal self interest. And after the election, and after Trump lost, Barr and others scurried off the ship. But I think we should examine whether they followed their oath prior to the election. That's the inquiry that's important to me. And prior to the election, Barr did the bidding of the president, and he politicized the Department of Justice. And Barr couldn't have done what he did without the help of others in the Department of Justice.

And by "others" he means the Justice Department lawyers who refused to participate in an actual coup, but had no qualms about turning the DOJ into a tool for the president to punish his enemies and reward his friends. Particularly Richard Donoghue, the former deputy attorney general who played a starring role in the House January 6 Select Committee hearings about Jeffrey Clark's efforts to make himself acting AG and empower swing state legislatures to claw back the electoral votes won by Joe Biden.

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DOJ Collects Trump Flacks' Phones Just Because They Admitted They Were Doing Crimes, WITCH HUNT!

Also just one or 40 subpoenas, between friends!

The Justice Department is tightening the vise in its investigation of Donald Trump's interference in the 2020 election, issuing 40 subpoenas and seizing the phones of two top MAGA lackeys, the New York Times reported last night. The query is focused on the plot to substitute fake electors for the swing state slates on January 6, 2021, either ensuring Trump's victory outright or at least blocking Joe Biden's certification.

The Times reports that the FBI seized phones belonging to Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn, who ran point for the campaign on the electors scheme, as well as his assistant Mike Roman, a former Koch brothers-funded oppo researcher who worked in the White House as a loyalty enforcer. And thanks to a story from the same paper in July — credit to Maggie Haberman where it's due — we can make a pretty good guess as to why Roman and Epshteyn might have found themselves in the DOJ's crosshairs.

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