Biden Vowed To Fight Anti-Semitism And Lauren Boebert Is Taking It Real Personal

Biden Vowed To Fight Anti-Semitism And Lauren Boebert Is Taking It Real Personal

How is the radical Marxist Biden administration oppressing conservatives this weektodaythis hour this minute?

According to the pudding-brained grandma-to-be and newly-single-and-ready-to-mingle Lauren Boebert, it is by that ancient, well-worn tactic of [checks notes] fighting antisemitism?

Sure, why not:

Ah yes, the old Soviet Union, famous for its commitment to giving Jewish people a safe and welcoming environment in which to pursue a life of religious fulfillment. The USSR so badly wanted Jews to feel safe to practice their religion that it forced us to stay by enforcing emigration quotas and sending many of our brethren to gulags where they had plenty of time for study and contemplation. Like yeshivas, but colder and with more rock-breaking.

Perhaps Lauren Boebert could tell us why Joe Biden said he wants to fight antisemites and the first thought that popped into whatever pile of cocaine and wet cardboard passes for her brain was to cry that he's targeting Republicans. Something to think about the next time anyone on the right squeals "ILHAN OMAR" like a pig finding a truffle.

Anyway, what Biden is doing in that video Boebert tweeted is unveiling a new strategy to fight the tide of antisemitism that has been rising in America ever since Donald Trump decided he wanted to be the first president in history to chuck a McRib at someone’s head in the Oval Office.

This new Biden strategy involves some fairly basic initiatives Ask social-media companies to try and limit the spread of antisemitic content? Okay, just don’t upset Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald’s delicate fee-fees. Have federal agencies commit more resources to diversity training? Fine. Start the nation’s first U.S.-based Holocaust research center at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.? Great.

There is only so much the administration can do in this area beyond providing resources and moral clarity on the issue. But since the Anti-Defamation League reported that there was a 36 percent rise in antisemitic incidents from 2021 to 2022, and mass shooters spent the Trump years incorporating synagogues into their list of favorite targets, the effort is necessary and greatly appreciated. Unless you are Lauren Boebert, who has yet to seek treatment for her raging brainworms.

After Boebert’s tweet, there was the predictable firestorm of responses, followed by this:

In response to questions about her tweet, Boebert’s office provided a statement equating the anti-hate effort with censorship of free speech and adding that she does not condone antisemitism.
“This is the latest version of this administration’s failed ‘Ministry of Truth,'” Boebert said in the statement. “The First Amendment guarantees a marketplace of ideas where truth, beauty, and justice ultimately win out.”

Say it with us: Yes, the First Amendment lets you say all the stupid garbage you want, but it does not shield you from criticism of the nonsense you shit out of your face hole like the Judge in that Pink Floyd movie.

Also repeat after us: You don't have to make everything about you and your fellow conservatives' bottomless well of grievances. Sometimes it's fine to just shut up.

The worst part is that the Republicans will continue to scream that Democrats are the real antisemites even as they throw coded accusations at George Soros, pump up Tucker Carlson, and allow Paul Gosar to hang out at House caucus meetings.

Oh well, at least Boebert didn’t accuse the Jews of controlling fire-starting space lasers or sending our gazpacho police after her. This time.


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