Let's Do MORE Shopping At Our Readers' Stores!

Let's Do MORE Shopping At Our Readers' Stores!

Hello! And welcome to DAY 2 of our weekend "shopping spree" at the online stores of Wonkette readers! Yep! There are so many of you with great shops that we had to split it into two days. I still can't order anything until I'm not stuck in Florida anymore (don't worry, we're OK), but as soon as I'm out, I fully plan on going broke buying the cool stuff you guys make.

So if you're looking for a way to help your fellow Wonkette fans and also get some really cool stuff, check out some of these shops! Because honestly, we all deserve presents right now.

Second-Hand Rad Vintage

I have honestly never seen a coffee cup like this before! Was this a thing at one time? Anyway, I am super klutzy and routinely knock things over, so it seems like a pretty good investment. Plus, Garfield.

Vintage Garfield Red Sports Car No-Spill Coffee Mug, $15

Hot Chocolate Balls

Some people only drink hot chocolate in the winter. I say those people are FOOLS. I drink it pretty much every day, though I don't have any fancy stuff like this. Just the regular old Swiss Miss. However, I do totally want to try these, the Aztec ones in particular, because they're chocolate and cinnamon flavored and that is my jam.

Aztec Hot Chocolate Balls, $18

Curry Cuts

This reader makes indie rock cover song compilations, available for download or on CD. They all seem pretty nifty, but I would have to go with the Bond movie song compilation — not because I have ever seen a Bond movie, but because I feel very importantly about Shirley Bassey.

Songs, Bond Songs: The Music of 007, $15

Chris Gwaltney

This is so pretty! I dig it!

Chapter 3, page 65

Stranded by Gwyn

I am always on the lookout for awesome, unique, big earrings and there are a TON of them here. And they're super well priced! No joke, as soon as I am able to get packages, I will be purchasing a ton of them because seriously $19 for handmade earrings is bonkers.

Southwestern Enamel and Crystal Earrings, $19

Erin Johnson Photography

So many pretty pictures it's hard to choose! But hey, I gotta stay on brand and go with the gondolas.

Gondolas In Black And White, $32


I don't have a dog, but my parents do and he, like all dogs, obviously needs a tuxedo.

Tuxedo, $19.99

Frenchie's Soups by Frenchie Renard

You know what goes great with all of that sourdough you've been baking? SOUP!


Art Stuff 1951

So much cool vintage surf stuff and Hawaiiana here! My fave is this book called THE SEX SURFERS. Are they surfers who have sex? Are they surfers who have sex while surfing? Is that a thing? What is it that they are doing on the cover? Having sex while surfing blindfolded? I must know more!

The Sex Surfers. $22


Ahh! Look at the cute jellyfish!

Amigurumi jellyfish, $15

Knitgrrl Studio

OOH! So many knitting patterns and knitting books! I am generally a crocheter because I lack patience, but I go both ways and would very much like to be better at knitting. So far I've only ever knit extremely basic scarves. Maybe the pandemic will be what finally pushes me to attempt something more exciting?

But, perhaps because I grew up reading Sassy and thus love projects involving making things out of other things, my first purchase here is gonna have to be this $1 book with a bunch of cool alteration ideas.

Alter Nation, $1

Monet In The Attic

This is our very own Jamie's Etsy page, where she sells antique cameras and all kinds of other cool stuff — like this amazing shoe candle with a boat on it that we are going to have to figure out a way for me to buy because it is perfect and I love it so much.

Vintage Dee Bee Company Porcelain Shoe Kerosene Candle, $49.99

Miss Translated: A Benefit for the New Sanctuary Coalition by Elisa Catrina Chavez

Here's something to do while you're sheltering in place! Read some poetry! Proceeds from this pay-what-you-can chapbook go to the immigrant advocacy org run by the author's mother.

"You Set The Price"

Pinky and Da Gang

Toys for your pets and jewelry for you! Catnip crinkle pads are great and the only actual "cat toy" that my beloved Mr. Catface (RIP) was ever into, as he usually preferred straws and milk caps. I've been meaning to get one for Loretta, the new cat in my life for a while now! So yay!

Catnip Crinkle Pad, $21.50


So many pretty drawings of flowers!

$30-$45 each

2nd City Knits

Are you looking to be the most fashionable person at your next D&D game? Then maybe you need a fancy bag for your dice!

Knitted Dice Bag, $13

Neighborhood Comics

COVID-19 hit comic book shops especially hard. Diamond Comics Distributers suspended deliver of new comics as of April 1. Neighborhood Comics in Savannah, Georgia, is Wonkette's Stephen Robinson's favorite comics retailer and he's kept his 6 year old (and himself) from going stir crazy in quarantine with regular delivery of comic book care packages and toys. (SER has almost finished reading his son the entire run of New Teen Titans and his son will need more comics as this shutdown continues.)

Go shop your online hearts out! You can buy classic comics, gift cards for quarantined birthday celebrations, and even fun board games for when you eventually run out of Netflix shows to binge.

Neighborhood Comics owner Lee Heidel releases regular fun videos (filmed an appropriate six feet away) that reminds us of more pleasant times. His latest special guest star can violate social distancing guidelines because of the magic of puppetry.

Whelp! That's it for now! It's open thread time!

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