Love To Watch RFK Jr. Tell Tucker Russian Propaganda Tucker Told RFK Jr. Literally Last Week

What can we say about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running for president? Nobody cares about that demented weirdo, starting with the Kennedy family, which is still obviously ridin' with Biden.

But we guess he did his official "campaign announcement" yesterday (LOL), and like all Democrats do at the beginning of their campaigns, he went to see Tucker Carlson last night. Tucker: He's the real new Iowa caucus.

What? You didn't go see David Duke's hottest pinup boy when you announced your Democratic presidential campaign? Well guess who we're not calling PRESIDENT YOU right now.

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Tucker licked all over Kennedy like Kennedy was hiding a Snausage in his hand, but we shouldn't take that as anything besides trolling. Tucker licked all over Donald Trump the other night, and according to Tucker's own mouth, he hates that guy "passionately."

“Bobby Kennedy is one of the most remarkable people we have met," jizzed Tucker, as if the younger deserves to be called by the moniker his father was known by, as if anybody in America sees that guy and is like "God bless us, everyone, Camelot has returned!"

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Tucker gushed and gushed, and he bitched and moaned that Kennedy is being treated unfairly and "censored." He angrily played clips of people in the media calling Kennedy a bugfuck anti-vaxxer, just because of how he is a bugfuck anti-vaxxer. He called Kennedy "Joe Biden's leading primary opponent," as if those words currently have any meaning.

We know one thing Tucker was excited about, and it was that when Kennedy announced his campaign, he babbled out Russian propaganda like he was spitting after gargling it directly from Putin's medicine cabinet. It was the first clip Tucker played of Kennedy's speech. He said he thinks Joe Biden's interest in Ukraine is in "prolonging the war." He called it "The Ukraine" over and over and over again. (Nobody with any credibility calls it "The Ukraine." You know why?) He suggested Biden's real goal is "regime change" in Russia. Hey, know who else gargles from the same bottle of mouthwash?

When interview time came, it was Russia time again.

Kennedy falsely claimed Joe Biden said "we" were in "The Ukraine" to "deplatform, to depose Vladimir Putin." (Those are two different things, "Bobby." Are we banning him from YouTube or are we conquering his regime?) He lied and said "we're killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers."

All of this is Russian propaganda, and it's incredibly insulting to the Ukrainian people whose country was invaded by an evil genocidal lunatic and who are fighting like hell for its survival. Indeed, it denies their agency and plays right into Russian lies about how Ukraine is not even a real country.


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The funniest thing we heard Kennedy say was toward the end of that clip above, when he bemoaned that there are seven Ukrainians dying for every one Russian. The way he phrased it was "seven-to-one to eight-to-one ratio." (Here's a link to an isolated clip of that part, if you want to hop directly to it.)

Wait, where have we heard that before?

Oh that's right, we remember! That was Russian propaganda that came from doctored versions of documents that came out of the Discord leaks, which were spread around by Russian propagandist bad actors on their weirdo loser parts of the internet, which Tucker IMMEDIATELY started regurgitating on his showlast Thursday.

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The original documents did not say seven Ukrainians were dying for every one Russian. (They said basically the opposite. Here is Bellingcat's tick-tock of the journey of the documents from Discord onto Telegram and 4Chan.)

"Nobody talks about this," said Kennedy to Tucker, which was funny because he was talking about Russian propaganda Tucker literally barfed into him through his television last week.

"What we're being told about this war is just not true," Kennedy concluded.

"No, it's not true," Tucker agreed, sounding more disappointed than surprised.

Can't wait for RFK Jr.'s next appearance when he announces his running mate Tulsi Gabbard and his press secretary Glenn Greenwald. (We are just spitballing here.)

That'll totally give Joe Biden a run for his money, for sure.

Not sure whether Russia has the cash on hand to finance any more presidential campaigns in 2024, though.

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