Ted Cruz Says Uganda Shouldn't Kill Gays, And Christian Extremist MAGAs Are SO MAD (At Him)

Without near enough fanfare or attention from the West, the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has signed a "kill the gays" bill into law. It calls for a life sentence for anyone who has gay sex, and seven years for trying to, whatever that means. The death penalty would be for those who commit "aggravated homosexuality," which the New York Times says includes "homosexual acts committed by anyone infected with H.I.V. or involving children, disabled people or anyone drugged against their will." If they say you did "attempted aggravated homosexuality," you could go to prison for 14 years. We are sure the processes for determining whether people have violated the law will totally be on the up-and-up.

Oh, and you could go to jail for 20 years for "promoting" homosexuality, which reminds us a bit of Russia, and also the spirit of Ron DeSantis's Florida, even if they haven't quite made it to calling for imprisonment yet.

Putin Signs Newer, Nastier 'Don't Say Gay' Law. Ron DeSantis, U Up?

If this sounds familiar, it's because Uganda has been trying to do this for a while now, starting way back in 2009, with varying degrees of success, and fairly consistent levels of support from American right-wing fascist Christian people and organizations. (Read here to meet Donald Trump's' coup-plotting lunatic lawyer John Eastman in 2015, in his earlier form as John Eastman, lunatic chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, defending Uganda's harsh anti-gay laws.)

But the campaign to make this law happen really got going the last few years, the New York Times explains, with scary stories about "a plot to promote gay activities and lure children in schools to homosexuality." There must be something in the water literally all conservative Christians worldwide drink.

The West and the United Nations tried to get Museveni not to sign the bill. President Joe Biden condemned it, and is threatening sanctions. The implications of this law are terrifying for people's basic human rights, for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Uganda, and so much more. People are terrified.

It's really bad.

But back to the the water conservative Christians drink. American Republican Senator Ted Cruz tweeted to condemn it, which quite frankly surprises us, but hey, let's just allow him to be correct for once.

Of course, it would be nice if Ted Cruz would condemn vicious anti-LGBTQ+ laws and legislation in places like Florida, Tennessee, and his own state of Texas. But if he did that he'd probably have to put his money where his mouth is, as opposed to just tweeting about something happening in a country far away.

But sure! Thanks, Ted. Your human rights warrior sash is in the mail.

In response, some of Cruz's conservative fans were absolutely horrified that Cruz would interfere in another country's Christian fascist genocide in such a way. RawStory collected some responses:

"Ted, seems to me your focus should be here at home working to get the unjustly punished J6 prisoners out of jail," wrote one user in response. "I'm disappointed in you."

In a similar sentiment, a different Cruz follower argued that "it's none of our business."

Another follower used Cruz's statement to simply dismiss him as a "RINO."

Cruz follower JD Sharp, on the other hand, defended the law explicitly and argued it would help ensure high fertility rates in Uganda.

Echoing to this theme, one Twitter user replied to Cruz and said they wanted to "make homosexuality shameful again."

OK, psychos.

Take a gander through Ted's replies at your own risk. Because Elon Musk's paid blue checkmark system promotes replies from the vilest and stupidest people humanity has to offer to the top, you won't have to look hard for Americans just openly supporting genocide.

Here's a homeschooled piece of shit who used to serve as a Trump lawyer:

Yep, that's what Ted Cruz gets from MAGA Republicans for saying something halfway decent and kind and non-genocidal.

There are lots of people saying "it's their country" and "I empathize but it's not our problem," just like Jesus always said in situations like this. Some are mad Cruz called the law an "abomination," when Leviticus says men lying with men are an "abomination."

And then there are the right-wing fascists who are themselves gay, who are just pretty sure this is the Biden administration's fault, and no terrible anti-gay things would be happening in Uganda if their lord and savior Donald Trump was still president of the US and A. Here's Ric Grenell, who served as Donald Trump's acting director of national intelligence, and the Log Cabin Republicans:

Honestly, that is too sad and deranged and deeply self-loathing for us to even address right now. Maybe some therapists could help.

We'll close this post with a really good Rachel Maddow clip from a few weeks back about how American right-wing Christians helped this law in Uganda happen, and the parallels to what's happening in this country. If Ted Cruz really cared, he could speak out against anti-LGBTQ+ groups like the Arizona-based Family Watch International, which Maddow explains was one of the main foreign drivers behind this and other vicious hate laws abroad and at home.

Everybody raise your hand if you think Ted Cruz really cares!

In summary and in conclusion, one time Ted Cruz tried to ban all the dildos, the end.



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